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Craftsman 172.64120 Operator's Manual

18.0 volt


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3/8-in. Variable Speed / Reversible
1 .0Volt Cordless
/ Driver
Model No.
18.0 Volt
in Kit 9-11518
Read, understand and
follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions
in this Manual before using this product.
Sears, Roebuck and Co.,
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
Visit our Craftsman ®website:
NO 60745=1,


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Craftsman 172.64120

  • Page 1 Read, understand and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions • WARRANTY in this Manual before using this product. • SAFETY Sears, Roebuck and Co., • DESCRIPTION Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. • OPERATION Visit our Craftsman ®website: • MAINTENANCE
  • Page 2 Craftsman product is used for commercial or rental purposes, this warranty applies for only 90 days from the date of purchase. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which...
  • Page 3: Work Area Safety

    TOOL USE AND CARE SAFETY manual before using this drill/driver. Failure to follow all instructions may result WARNING: BE SURE to read and understand all instructions in this in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury. operating this drill/driver. Failure to follow all instructions listed below may result i /!k WARNING: BE SURE to read and understand all instructions before...
  • Page 4: Electrical Safety

    ELECTRICAL SAFETY SERVICE SAFETY cont. 2. Tool service must be performed only at a Sears Parts and Repair Center. Service or maintenance performed by unqualified personnel could result in a risk of injury. operating this drill/driver, Failure to follow all instructions listed below may l z_ WARNING:BE SURE to read and understand all instructions before...
  • Page 5 SPECiFiC SAFETY RULES FOR CORDLESS DRILL/DRIVERS cont. SAFETY RULES FOR BATTERY CHARGING STAND/TRANSFORMER cont. t 3. Batteries vent hydrogen gas and can explode in the presence of a source of Do not abuse the cord on the battery charging stand / transformer. Never carry the ignition, such as a pilot light.
  • Page 6: Rules For Safe Operation

    5. If any parts are missing, return to the nearest Sears store or other Craftsman outlet , Work in a well-ventilated area. to have the Drill / Driver replaced. oWork with approved safety equipment, such as those dust masks that are specially Drill / Driver with Battery Pack designed to filter out microscopic particles.
  • Page 7 KNOWYOUR CORDLESS DRILL/DRIVER (Fig.2) This Cordless Drill/Driver has the following features cont.: 2. Forward / Reverse Power Lock-Off Switch conveniently located for easy operation. 3.3/8=in. Keyless Chuck hand tightens bits fast and secure without chuck key. Provides OTE: Before attempting to use this product, familiarize yourself with all operating features and safety rules.
  • Page 8 FORWARD / REVERSE SELECTOR SWITCH with POWER LOCK+OFF CHARGtNGTHE BA3_ERY PACK (Fig 5 and 5_) (Rg 3, 3n+3b) ThP+ b_tte_ pnCl_ for Ibis tOOl h_,_b0on _t'Jppt+d In n low chm'g++ C_l_,_itko n to p+revenl possible plotllem:_ Therefore, you _hould ch_J_ _vomlght pAor to U_O.
  • Page 9 CHARGING THE BATTERY PACK cottt, (Fig 5 and 5a) TRIGGER SWITCH (Fig 7 and 7a) 8 Tho batlory pack wilt become _lightly warm lo lha Icuch whtlo chalging Thi_ iSno_m_,! TO hJm lho _li_l ON, p_h lho F_tWald / FIOVO{SO _aleclot Swilch wilh POWerLock O_{ to lho and dO_ hal indicate a pfob_{_m FORWARD el REVERSE l_caflon II_o mr_w d_roc_onembussed or= swilch) and depress Ih0 ld_go_"...
  • Page 10: Electric Brake

    ELECTRIC BRAKE 23 PLUS 1 ADJUSTABLETORQUE CLUTCH (Fig. 10, 10a and 10b) To stop the drill/driver, release the trigger switch and the electric brake will stop the chuck This drill / driver is equipped with an adjustable clutch that has 24 different torque settings. instantly.
  • Page 11 BUBBLE LEVEL(Fig.11) INSTALLING ACCESSORY BITS (Figs.13 and 13a) cont. Inorder toinsure a perfect right angle w hen drilling / driving into a workpiece, you can use Fig. 13 WRONG Fig. 13a OPEN JAWS the built-in bubble level on the top of the drill/driver (see Fig.
  • Page 12 9. When drilling hard, smooth surfaces, use a center punch to mark the desired hole z_ WARNING: When servicing, use only identical Craftsman replacement parts. location. This will prevent the drill bit from Use of any other part may create a hazard or cause product damage.
  • Page 13: General Maintenance

    (see Fig. 17b). This will loosen the chuck on the spindle. It can now be unscrewed and Sears and other Craftsman _ outlets offer a large selection of Craftsman drill/driver remover by hand. accessories designed for all your drill/driving applications.
  • Page 14: Battery Pack Removal

    3/8-1N. VARIABLE SPEED / REVERSIBLE CORDLESS DRILL / DRIVER Model No. 172.64120 18.0Volt BATTERIES (in Kit 172.11518) Thebattery p ack forthis tool i s equipped with nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries. Length of service from each charging will depend on the type of work you are doing. The batteries in this tool have been designed to provide maximum trouble-free life.
  • Page 15 3/8-1N. VARIABLE SPEED / REVERSIBLE CORDLESS DRILL / DRIVER Model No. 172.64120 18.0Volt (in Kit 172.11518} Item No. Parts No. Part Description Qty. CDT118GU-1 Bubble Level CDT118G U-2 Brand Label CDT118G U-3 F/R Button CDT118GU-4 Driving Bit Phl/Ph2 CDT118GU-5 Left & Right Housing CDT118GU-101 Motor Switch Unit CDT118G U-6...
  • Page 16 • GARANT|A Normas de $eguridad e Instruccionesde Operaci6n en • SEGURIDAD este Manual antes de usar este producto. • DESCIRPCION Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 EE.UU. • FUNCIONAMIENTO Vea nuestro sitio web de Craftsman: • MANTENIMIENTO
  • Page 17 El incumplimientode esta advertencia de seguridad RESULTARA en LESIONESgraves para usted u otros. Siempresiga las Siesta herramienta Craftsman falla debido a un defecto en el material o mano de precaucionesde de seguridad para reducirel riesgo de incendio, obra dentro de un aho a partir de la fecha de compra, REGRi_SELO a LA descarga electrica y lesiones personales.
  • Page 18 SEGURIDAD EN EL USOY CUIDADO DE LA HERRAMIENTA /_ ADVERTENSIA: ASEGURASE de leer y entender todas las instrucciones en este manual antes de usar esta sierra inalambrica. No seguir todas las Z_ ADVERTENCIA: ASEGURESE de leer y entender todas las instrucciones instrucciones podria resultar en descargas electricas, incendio y/o lesiones antes de operar esta herramienta.
  • Page 19 SEGURIDAD EN EL SERVICIO cont. SEGURIDAD EL_:CTRICA 2. El servicio tecnico de la herramienta se debe realizar solamente en un Centre de Servicio T_cnico de Sears. El servicio tecnico o mantenimiento que se realice per /_, ADVERTENCIA: ASEGURESE de leer y entender todas las instrucciones personal no calificado podria producir riesgo de lesiones.
  • Page 20 NORMAS DE SEGURIDAD PARA EL SOPORTE DE CARGA DE BATERiA cont. REGLAS DE SEGURIDAD PARA LOS TALADROS/ DESTORNILLOS INALAMBRICOS cont. 3. No abuse del cable del soporte de carga. Nunca Ileve el soporte de carga por el cable. 13. Las baterias descargan gas de hidrogeno y pueden explotar en presencia de una...
  • Page 21 5. Si algo est,. daSado o hace falta, devuelva a su tienda Sears mas cercana o al Punto de * Trabaje con los equipos de seguridad aprobados, tales come m_.scaras contra el polvo que Venta de Craftsman para que le cambien el taladro/destornillador. est_,n especialmente disehadas para filtrar particulas microsc6picas.
  • Page 22 CONOZCA S U Este taladro/destornillador profesional tiene las siguientes caracteristicas cont.: TALADRO / DESTORNILLADOR (Fig. 2) 2. Interruptor Selector de Avance/ Retroceso con Bloque de Energia ubicado convenientemente para uso f_.cil. NOTA: Antes de intentar usar este producto, familiaricese con todos las caracteristicas operacionales y requerimientos de seguridad.
  • Page 23 {NTERRUPTOR SELECTOR DE AVANCEI RETROCIESO CON BLOQUEO CARGANDO EL CARTUCHO DE BATER_AS (Fig 5 y 5_) ENERG{A (Figs, 3, 3a y 3b) So envI5 R{ cad[_cho do hairdos p_ e,_t_. he_ram_t}_h't car= u_ cond_c_ da cargo {)n_,'{ pore eviler pe_ble_ p_oblema_ P_r Io {ante. dRberla c_rgarlo una no_hR antra, do ut|llza_ cr_rg_n_{_pRrO v_'tr l OB _t_{o_t I_'unclon_ml_nm _Rguld_ do _Rc_ge) pare qUR _e...
  • Page 24 INTERRUPTER DEL GATtLLO (Fig 7 y 7a) P_r_ ENC_NDER e! li_t_dm, emp_jo eltnlmr_ploc SOl_Clo_de Av{tnce/_otmce_ Bloqu_o (to EtlerDia B ta ubicl_ci6_ AVANCE o RETROCESO (yea ta d=focci_n de la tEoch_ g_Ib_da or_el[ntec{uptoQ y puls_09l_I_f,_uplo_ dolg_I;llo Pa_ APAGAR IBla1_d_om_o_la ol intm';uplo_ d_l gol_llo Fir3 7 FI!l 7_t PARA...
  • Page 25 FRENO ELECTRICO EMBRAGUE DE PAR AJUSTABLE 23 m&s 1 (Fig. 10, 10a y 10b) Para parar el taladro / destornillador, suelta el interruptor del gatillo y el freno electrico deja Este taladro / destornillador se equipe con un embrague adjustable que tiene 24 diversas rotaci6n del mandril instanta.neamente.
  • Page 26 NIVEL DEBURBUJA (FIG. 1 1) PARA INSTALAR LAS FRESAS COMPLEMENTAS (Figs. 13 y 13a) cont. Afindeasegurar un_mgulo recto p erfecto cuando setaladre/atornilla enuna pieza d etrabajo, puede Fig. 13 ABRA LAS MORDAZAS INCORRECTO Fig. 13a utilizar elnivel deburbuja ubicado encima del (introducir taladro / destornillador (vea Fig.
  • Page 27 Cuando realice el servicio tecnico, utilice solamente 9. Cuando taladre superficies duras y lisas, repuestos de Craftsman identicos. La utilizaci6n de cualquier otto repuesto utilice una perforaci6n central para marcar puede crear un peligro o causar un daSo al producto.
  • Page 28: Mantenimiento

    Las tiendas Sears y otros puntos de venta Craftsman ofrecen una gran selecci6n de 5. Introduzca la Ilave hexagonal nuevamente en el...
  • Page 29 18,0 Voltios Taladro / Destomillador Inalambrico de Velocidad Variable / Reversible de 3/8 Pulgadas BATER[AS IVlodelo No. 172.64120 (en el kit 172.11518) Elcartucho debateffas para esta herramienta estA equipado conbateffas de nfquel-cadmio recargables. Laduraci6n deservicio d ecada carga dependerA del t ipode trabajo q ue realice.
  • Page 30 18,0 Voltios Talad ro / Destomillador Inalambrico de Velocidad Variable/Reversible de 3/8 Pulgadas Modelo No. 172.64120 (en el kit 172.11518) No. del item Nt_mero de Parte Descripcibn de Parte Cantidad CDT118GU-1 Nivel de Burbuja CDT118GU-2 Etiqueta de Marca CDT118GU-3 Boton de Avance / Retroceso CDT118GU-4 Fresa de Destornilar Phl/Ph2 CDT118GU-5...
  • Page 31 Your Home For expert troubleshooting and home solutions advice: For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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