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Rules For Safe Operation - Craftsman 315.101531 Operator's Manual

3/8 in. 14.4 volt cordless right angle drill-driver variable speed / reversible
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Tool service must be performed only by qualified
repair personnel. Service or maintenance performed
by unqualified personnel could result in a risk of injury.
When servicing a tool, use only identical replace-
ment parts. Follow instructions in the Maintenance
section of this manual. Use of unauthorized parts or
failure to follow Maintenance Instructions may create a
risk of shock or injury.
Hold tool by insulated gripping surfaces when
performing an operation where the cutting tool may
contact hidden wiring. Contact with a "live" wire will
also make exposed metal parts of the tool "live" and
shock the operator.
Know your power tool. Read operator's manual
carefully. Learn its applications and limitations,
well as the specific potential hazards related to this
tool. Following this rule will reduce the risk of electric
shock, fire, or serious injury.
Always wear safety glasses with side shields.
Everyday glasses have only impact resistant lenses.
They are NOT safety glasses. Following this rule wilt
reduce the risk of eye injury.
Battery tools do not have to be plugged into an
electrical outlet; therefore, they are always in
operating condition. Be aware of possible hazards
when not using your battery tool or when changing
accessories. Following this rule will reduce the risk of
electric shock, fire, or serious personal injury.
Do not place battery tools or their batteries near fire
or heat. This wilt reduce the risk of explosion and
possibly injury.
Batteries vent hydrogen gas and can explode in the
presence of a source of ignition, such as a pilot light.
To reduce the risk of serious personal injury, never use
any cordless product in the presence of open flame. An
exploded battery can propel debris and chemicals.
exposed, flush with water immediately.
Do not charge battery tool in a damp or wet loca-
tion. Following this rule will reduce the risk of electric
For best results, your battery tool should be charged
in a location where the temperature
is more than 50°F
but less than t00°F. Do not store outside or in
Under extreme
usage or temperature
battery leakage may occur. If liquid comes in
contact with your skin, wash immediately
with soap
and water, then neutralize
with lemon juice or
vinegar. If liquid gets into your eyes, flush them
with clean water for at least t0 minutes, then seek
medical attention.
Following this rule will
reduce the risk of serious personal injury.



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