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Craftsman 172.11810 Operator's Manual page 9

3/8-in. variable speed / reversible cordless drill/ driver
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3 Do not abuse the cord on the battery chargfng stand ! tronsformer_ Never carry the
charging stand / transformer by its power cord,, Never pull the power cord to remove lhe
from the power outlet. Damage to the cord or charging stand I transtormer
occur and create an elsclrt¢ shock hazard
Keep cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges or
moving parts
Repiace damaged cords immediately Damaged cords increase the dsk of
electric shock.
4 Make sure cord is located
so that it will not be stepped on, tripped over, come in
contsct with sharp edges or moving parts, heat, otl, or otherwise subjected to
damage or stress,, This will reduce Ihe risk of accidental fails, which could cause injury.
and damage to the cord which could result in electdc shock.,
5 Keep cord and charging stand / transformer away from heat to prevent damage
housing or Internal parts_
6. Do not let gasoline, oils, petroleum-based
products, etc_ come In contact with
plastic parts. They conlain chemicals which can damage, weaken or destroy ptastic
7 An extension
cord should not be used unless absolutely
Use of improper
extension cord coutd result In a risk of fire and electric shock,, it an extension cord must be
used, make sure: a) Thai pins on plug of extension cord are the same number, size and
shape as those on the transformer, b) That extension cord is properly wired and in good
electrical condition, and c) That you use a proper extension cord. ONLY use cords
tiered by Underwriters
Laboratories (UL}
Other extension cords can cause a drop in line
voltage, resulting In a toss of power and overhealing of charging stand/transformer,
AWG (American Wire Gauge) size of at least t4-gauge
is recommended for an extension
cord of 25-it, or less in {englh Use 12.gauge for an exlension cord of 50-It
cords lOg-it, or longer are not recommended.
8_ INSPECT tool cords for damage, De not operate charging stand with e dameged cord or
transformer, which could cause shorting and electric shock_ Have damaged Iool cords
repaired at a Sears Service Center
9, Do not operate charging stand I transformer if It has received a sharp blew, been dropped,
or otherwise damaged in any way.Take }t lo an authorized serviceman for electrical check to
determine tf the charging sland 1 iransfmmer is in good working order
10_Do not disassemble
charging stand / transformer.Take
it to a Sears Parts end Repair
Center when service or repair is required. Incorrect reassembly may result in a risk of
electric shock or li_e,
1 t. Disconnect charging stand/transformer
from the power supply when not in us_.
This will reduce the risk of eleclrie shock or damage if metal items should tat! Inlo the opening In
the charging sland it else witl help prevent damage during a power surge
12 Risk of electric shock, Do not touch un*insufated porlien o! output conneclor or un-_nsulaled
batlery terminal,
13 Save these instructions.
Refer to them frequently and use them to instruct others who may
use this tool if you loan someone this tool. also lean them these inslructfons to prevent misuse
o! the product and possible injury



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