Craftsman 320.28060 Owner's Manual page 9

Circular saw 7 1/4-in. with laser trac
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Ways to PreventKickback
1.ALWAYS maintaina firm grip with bothhandson the sawandpositionyourbodyand
armsto allowyou
to resist KICKBACK
forces. KICKBACK forces can be controlled by the
operator, if the proper precautions are taken.
2. If the blade is binding,
or when you are interrupting
a cut for any reason, ALWAYS
release the trigger
and hold the saw motionless
in the material until the blade comes
to a complete
stop_ NEVER attempt to remove the saw from the work or pull the saw
while the blade is in motion or KICKBACK
may occur. ALWAYS
check and be ready to take corrective action to eliminate the cause of blade binding
3. When restarting
the saw in the workptece,
ALWAYS center the blade in the kerr and
check to be sure that the saw teeth are not engaged into the material,
If the saw blade
is binding, it may walk up or KICKBACK from the workpiece when the saw is restarted
4. ALWAYS support
large panels to minimize
the risk of blade pinching
Large panels tend to sag under their own weight Supports MUST be placed under the
panel on both sides, near the line of cut and near the edge of the panel.
5. DO NOT use a dull or damaged
blade. Unsharpened
or improperfy set
blades produce narrow kerf which causes excessive friction, blade binding and KICKBACK
6. ALWAYS be sure that the blade depth and adjusting
levers are tight
and secure BEFORE making a cut. If blade adjustment shifts while cutting, it may
cause binding and KICKBACK,
7o ALWAYS use extra caution
when making a"Pocket
Cut" into existing
or other blind areas. The protruding blade may cut objects that can cause KICKBACK
8, ALWAYS have saw blade at full speed before contacting workpiece
9. ALWAYS hold too! by insulated
when performing
an operation
where the cutting
tool may contact
hidden wiring or its own cord. Contact with a
"live" wire will
make the exposed metal parts of the tool "live" and shock the operator
IMPORTANT: See Operation
Section of this Manual for additional



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