Craftsman 320.28060 Owner's Manual page 12

Circular saw 7 1/4-in. with laser trac
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Your circular saw has been shipped completely assembled, except for the blade which is packed
unassembled, inspect the saw carefully to make sure that no breakage or damage has occurred
during shipping. If any parts are damaged or missing return the saw to your nearest Sears Store
to have it replaced,
If any parts are missing, DO NOT operate this saw until the missing parts
are replaced
Failure to do so could result in possible serious personal injury
Carefully remove the blade from its packing and thoroughly inspect it to be
sure that it is not cracked or damaged,.
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Your saw shouid NEVER be connected to the power source when you
are assembling parts, making adjustments,
installing or removing blades, cleaning or when it
is not in use Disconnecting
the saw will prevent accidental starting, that could cause serious
personal injury.
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A 7 1/4-inch bfade is the maximum blade capacity of your
A larger
than 7 1/44nch blade will come in contact with the blade guards, Also, NEVER use a blade
that is so thick that it prevents the outer blade washer from engaging
with the flat side of the
spindle. Blades that are too large or too thick can result in an accident causing serious
personal injury
Your saw has a spindle lock button for locking the spindle on your saw in a stationary position
Push and hold the spindle lock button when mounting, changing or removing the blade.
1. Remove blade wrench from base.
2. Place saw on its side on a flat surface,
3, Firmly hold down spindle lock button, and use blade wrench to loosen blade screw by
turning it in a counterclockwise
direction. Completely remove blade screw (See Fig. 1).
4. Remove outer "D" washer (See Fig_ 1 ).,
5. The part remaining is the inner bushing (See Fig 1),, It does not need to be removed
6. Wipe a drop of oil onto the inner bushing and outer "D" washer where they will touch blade,
7. Place the saw blade inside the lower blade guard, onto the spindle and
against the inner bushing (See Fig, 1)_
NOTE: The teeth of the blade should point upward at the front of the saw as shown in Fig 1
8. Place saw on the edge of a flat surface so the blade is not in contact with anything
9. Raise lower blade guard using the blade guard handle and hold it in the raised
position for the next steps,.



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