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Making Bevel Cuts - Craftsman 320.28060 Owner's Manual

Circular saw 7 1/4-in. with laser trac
Hide thumbs


1.Whenmaking cross or ripcuts,alignyourlineofcut
withtheouterbladeguidenotchonthe baseof the
saw(SeeFig 14)
2.Sinceblade thicknesses vary,ALWAYS makeatriaicutin
scrapmaterial alongtheguideline todetermine howmuch,
if any,theguideline mustbeoffset t o getanaccurate cut
Fig, 14
i Laser Light
on ine of cut
Align Outer Blade Guide Notch
on Saw Base with Line of Cut
(as shown) When Making Cross
Cuts or Rip Cuts
1. Your saw can be adjusted to cut at any angle between
0° and 54.5 °, When making 45 ° bevel cuts, there is a
notch in the saw base to help you line up the
bfade with the line of cut (See Fig 15)
2. Align your line of cut with the inner blade guide notch
or] the base of the saw when making 45 ° beve! cuts
3. Since blade thicknesses vary and different angles require
different settings, ALWAYS make a trial cut in scrap
materials along a guideline to determine how much you
should offset the bfade from the guideline to make an
accurate cut
4. When making a bevel cut ALWAYS hold your saw
firmly with both hands (See Fig 16)
5. Rest the front edge of the base on the workpiece.
Then squeeze the trigger switch to start the saw.
ALWAYS let the blade reach full speed, then guide
the saw into the workpiece
6. After completing your cut, release the trigger switch and
allow the blade to come to a complete stop DO NOT
remove the saw from the workpiece while the blade
is moving
o_tine of cut
Align inner Blade Guide Notch on
Base with Line of Cut (as shown)
When Making 45 ° Bevel Cuts
Fig, 16
If the blade comes in contact with the workpiece before it reaches full
speed, it could cause the saw to kickback towards you, resutting in serious injury



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