Craftsman 320.28060 Owner's Manual page 17

Circular saw 7 1/4-in. with laser trac
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Kickback o ccurswhenthebladestallsrapidly andthesawisdrivenbacktowards you.Blade
stallingis caused by anyactionwhichpinches thebladeinthewood.
guard against kickback
is to avoid dangerous practices,
,, ,pJ=,pI=L.,,=I,=LI,LU,
ALWAYS release trigger switch immediately if the blade binds or the
saw stalls. Kickback could cause you to lose control of the saw Loss of control can lead
to serious injury.,
Fig. 6
Correct Bla _ Depth
Blade is
Set Too
KICKBACK =_====_m__l_
is Caused By:
1. Incorrect Blade Depth Setting (See Fig_6 and 8).
2. Sawing into knots or nails in the workpiece°
3. Twisting the blade while making a cut,
4. Making a cut with a dull, gummed up,
or improperly set blade_,
5. Not providing proper support for
workpiece (See Fig, 7)_,
6. Forcing a cuL
7. Cutting warped or wet lumber,,
8, Tool misuse or incorrect operating procedures.
9. Contacting the workpiece with blade
at less than full speed,
To Lessen the Chance of Kickback:
1. ALWAYS use the correct blade depth setting.
The correct blade depth setting for all cuts
should not be more than 1/4-inch below the
material to be cut (see Fig r 8).
Correct Blade Depth Setting =
Blade Exposed 1/4-in. or less
on underside of workpiece



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