To Assemble Food Processor; Food Processor Bowl; Reversible Slice/Shred Disc; French Fry Disc - Black & Decker PowerPro FP1000 Series Use & Care Manual

Full-size food processors
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be easily inserted. It also will not grind grain, coffee
beans, or spices with a high oil content. Do not chop Ice
it will damage the Bowl and dull the Knife Blade.
IMPORTANT: Be sure the Food Processor is off and
unplugged before removing or inserting parts.
To attach Bowl to Base, hold Bowl with Front facing you
(A). Set Bowl into RoundWell and rotate until its Locking
Tabs drop down into the Base.Twist the Bowl
counterclockwise as far as it will go. Be sure both Lock-
ing Tabs drop into place. Use markings on the Push But-
ton Control Panel as a guide.
ReversibleSlice/Shred Disc
NOTE:The Reversible Disc will slice or shred depending
upon which side is facing upward.
Position the Bowl on the Base and place the Disc Stem
on the Center Post (B1). Graspthe Disc bythe Center Hub
with the desired side (slice or shred)facing upward.
Rotatethe Disc until it slides down into place.
IMPORTANT:For your protection, this unit has a system
that locks the Cover and Bowl onto the Base for safe
usage. Do not attempt to operate the unit withoutthe
Cover and Bowl locked correctly in place. An attempt to
do sowill turn on the Indicator Lightbut the unitwill not
operate. If this happenscheck to ensurethe cover is
FrenchFryDisc (MODELFP1011 ONLY)
The French Fry Disc is also used with the Disc Stem. This
Disc must be mounted with the cutting blades facing
upward, and is installed the same way asthe Slice/Shred
Disc (C).
Position the Bowl on the Base. Grasp the Blade by its
Center Hub and slip the Blade down over the Center Post
of the Bowl. (D).


Table of Contents

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