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Black & Decker PowerPro FP1000 Series Use & Care Manual page 15

Full-size food processors
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Table of Contents
Special Iostructioes
Nuts (Hard,Almonds,
Knife Blade
Add up to 1 cup (240ml) at a time to dry
Bowl and pulse to desired fineness.
(For best results, process frozen).
Nuts (Hard,Almonds
Knife Blade
Add 1/4-cup (60 ml)flour for 1 cup (240ml)
Peanuts),Very Finely Ground
nuts. (Subtract this flour from amount
called for in recipe.)
Nuts (Soft, Walnuts, Pecans,
Disc, Slicing Side
Fill Chute with nuts. Use moderate pros-
Brazil), Coarsely Chopped
Nuts (Soft, Walnuts, Pecans,
Knife Blade
Add up to 1 cup (240ml) at a time. Pulse
Brazil), Finely Chopped
to desired fineness.
Olives, Chopped
Knife Blade
Add up to 1 cup (240ml) pitted or
stuffed olives and pulse to desired fineness.
Olives, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Arrange pitted or stuffed olives (open end
down) on Disc in area beneath Chute.
Place Cover on Bowl and slice using
moderate pressure.
Onions,Green (Scallions),
Knife Blade
Remove roots, trim tops, and cut into
1" (25 mm) pieces. Add up to 2 cups
(480ml) at a time and pulse to desired
fineness. (Chopped pieces may be
slightly longer than hand-chopped results.)
Onions,Green (Scallions),
Disc, Slicing Side
Remove roots and soft parts of tops. Cut
onions into 3" (75ram) equal parts.
Place upright in Chute and packtightly.
Onions,White, Chopped
Knife Blade
Peel and quarter. (Cut large onions into
eighths). Add upto 4 medium onions at
a time and pulse to desired fineness.
Onions,White, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Peel and slice off ends. (Use whole, small
onions for rings.) Position on Disc (For
large onions, cut in half from root to stem
and wedge upright in Chute.)Usefirm
Disc, Slicing Side
Cut a slice off one end of orange. (If orange
is too large to fit Chute, halve lengthwise
cutting straight down through stem.) In-
sert orange through bottom of Chute with
sliced end down. Usefirm pressure.
Parsley, Chopped
Knife Blade
Wash and drythoroughly. Chopto desired
Parsnips, Shredded
Disc, Shredding Side
Position in Chute and shred.
Parsnips, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Halve crosswise and place upright in
Chute with cut side on Disc.
Peaches, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Disc
Peel, halve, and pit firm, ripe peaches,
Position 2 halves in Chute and slice us-
ing firm pressure (Sprinkle with lemon
juice to prevent browning.)
Pears, Sliced
Disc, Sliding Side
Quarter and core firm, ripe pears. Arrange
quarters in Chute (back to back), alter-
nating thick and thin ends. (Sprinkle with
lemon juice to prevent browning.)
Pepperoni, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Cut into 3" (75ram) lengths. Remove
inedible casing. Slice 1 piece at a time
using firm pressure.
Peppers (Sweet, Red, Green),
Knife Blade
Quarter and remove tops, seeds, and
pith. Cut quarters crosswise in thirds.
Add up to 1 pepper at a time and pulse
to desired fineness. (Do not over-process).


Table of Contents

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