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Black & Decker PowerPro FP1000 Series Use & Care Manual page 14

Full-size food processors
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Table of Contents
Cucumbers, Chopped
Knife Blade
Cucumbers, Shredded
Disc, Shredding Side
Cucumbers, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Eggplant, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Eggs(Hard Cooked), Chopped
Knife Blade
Fish )Boned, Raw),Chopped
Knife Blade
Fruit )Candied, Dried), Chopped
Knife Blade
Garlic, Minced
Knife Blade
Horseradish, Grated
Knife Blade
Lemons, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Lettuce, Sliced (into Strips)
Disc, Slicing Side
Disc, Slicing Side
Meat(Boneless, Uncooked
Disc Slicing Side
Chicken, Pork, Beef) Sliced
Meat (Boneless, Uncooked
Knife Blade
Chicken, Pork, Beef)
Meat (Boneless, CookedHam,
Knife Blade
Pork, Lamb,Veal, Beef)
Melon, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Mushrooms, Chopped
Knife Blade
Mushrooms, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Special lestroctioos
Peel (if desired), halve lengthwise, and
scoop out seeds (if tough). Cut into
1" (25mm) pieces. Add up to 2 cups
(480ml) at a time. Pulseto desired fineness.
Cutto fit Chute(if necessary).
Cutto fit Chute(if necessary). Use light
Peel (if desired) and quartered or cutto
fit Chute.Usefirm pressure.
Forfrying after slicing, salt and lot stand
in colander to drain off excess moisture.
Peel, dry and halve. Add upto 6 eggs at
a time. Chop to desired fineness.
Cut into cubes. Add up to 1 cup (240ml) at
a time. Pulse to desired fineness.
Pit and add up to 1 cup (240ml) at a time.
Add 1/2-cup (120 ml) flour per cup of fruit.
(Subtract this flour from amount called for in
With Processor running, drop clove down
Chute.Quickly cover Chute and process
3 to 5 seconds. (Usethis method to mince
other small items, such as gingerroot.)
Peel; cut into 1" (25 ram) cubes. Add up to
1 cup (240ml). Process to desired fineness.
Chooselemons to fit Chute(if possible).
Cut off one end and place lemon in Chute
with cut end on Disc. Usefirm pressure.
Cut wedges to fit Chute.(Never try to
shred lettuce; it is too soft and delicate.)
Chooselimes to fit Chute (if possible). Cut
off one end and place lime in Chutewith cut
end on Disc. Use firm pressure.
Position meat on cookie sheet and freeze
until partially frozen, (firm, but not solid).
Cut meat to fit Chute.(if meat is too
solid, it can damage Processor.) Usefirm
Cut into 1" (25ram) cubes. Add upto 1 cup
(240ml) at a time.
Cut into 1" (25ram) cubes. Add upto 1 cup
(240ml) at a time. Chop coarsely for salads,
finely Choppedfor spreads.
Halve, remove seeds, cutto fit Chute,and
remove rind. Use moderate pressure.
Wash (keep stems on). Add 5 or 6
mushrooms at a time and pulse to desired
Cut a thin slice off 1 side of 2 mushrooms.
Place cut sides directly on Disc in area
beneath Chute. Place Cover on Bowl and
stack remaining mushrooms sideways in
Chute,alternating stems and caps. Use
firm pressure.


Table of Contents

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