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To Puree; Food Chute/Cover; Food Pusher; Food Fingers - Black & Decker PowerPro FP1000 Series Use & Care Manual

Full-size food processors
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To Puree:
The pre-cut feature eliminates the need to cut foods into
small pieces before pureeing. Simply install the knife
Blade in the Bowl, then grasp the thick slice disc by the
Centre Hub and align hexagon shape of Hub over
hexagon top of Knife Blade (E).Install the Cover. Insert
the food into the Food Chute and using the pusher,
pureeing can be achieved in one easy step.
Hold the Cover bythe Food Chutewith the handle cover
at an angle to the Bowl just in front of the Bowl Handle
(F). Lower the Cover over the Bowl and twist counter-
clockwise until it snaps firmly in place. Proper alignment
will result with the handle cover over the Bowl Handle. If
the Lid does not easily rotate to the Lock position, check
to ensure the Bowl is fully rotated to the Lock position.
NOTE:If the Processor does not operate when it is
turned on, be sure the Bowl and Cover are properly
"locked" into position. To remove the Cover,shut the
Food Processor off and wait until the Disc has stopped
rotating. Turn the Cover clockwise and lift the Cover off.
Insert the FoodPusher into the Food Chute and lower it
into place (G).Always use the Food Pusherto guide food
through the Disc when slicing and shredding.
NOTE:The FoodPusher doubles as a measuring cup and
has convenient millilitre and cup markings.
To keep the food steady and minimizetilting of single-
food items (such as carrots), clip the Food Fingers into
place on the top rim of the FoodChute (H).
Center the food in front of the Food Fingers.They will
press against the food and hold it in place. Insert the
Pusher, press down, and process.
"0." Indicator Light
This light comes on when the On Switch has been acti-
vated even if the Bowl and Cover have not been locked
into place. If the Indicator is on before you close the Lid,
press the Off Button and then rotate the lid to the Lock


Table of Contents

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