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Full-size food processors
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Special Iostructioes
Strawberries, Pureed
Knife Blade
Hull and halve, if large. Add up to
2 cups (480ml) at a time to Bowl. Process
10seconds.(Use in fruit topping er
gelatin desserts.)
Strawberries, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Hull. Arrange berries ontheir sides in
Chutefor lengthwise slices. Usevery light
Sweet Potatoes (Yams),
Knife Blade
Peel, cut into 1" (25 ram) pieces, and simmer
in salted water until tender. Brain well. Pro-
cess up to 3 cups (720 ml) at a time.
Tomatoes, Chopped
Knife Blade
Quarter and remove peel and seeds (if
desired). Add up to 2 medium tomatoes
at a time.
Pulse to desired fineness.
Tomatoes, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Select tomatoes small enough to fit Chute
or halve, if necessary. Peel (if desired)
and remove stem end. Insert tomato
through bottom of Chute.For meatier
slices, turn tomato on its side. Use
medium pressure.
Turnips, Sliced
Disc, Slicing Slide
Peel (if desired). Usesmall turnips for
whole slices or cut larger turnips to fit
Water Chestnuts Sliced
Disc, Slicing Side
Fill Chute.Use moderate pressure.
Vegetables )Various), Julionno
Disc, Slicing Side
Slice vegetables (such as potato, cu-
or Matchstick Cut
cumber, or zucchini). Hold Cover
sideways with Pusher inserted part way
to form a cup atthe bottom of the Chute.
Pack slices tightly in Chutewith cut edges
at right angles to Cover.Slice again.


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