Food Processing Techniques; Food Size; Food Quantity - Black & Decker PowerPro FP1000 Series Use & Care Manual

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-If washing by hand, use in hot, sudsy water, rinse,
and drythoroughly. If necessary, use a nylon bristle
brush to thoroughly clean the Bowl and Food
Chute/Cover;this type of brush will also help to pre-
vent cutting yourself on the Knife Blade and
Reversible Discs.
-If washing in a dishwasher, the Knife Blade and
Discs should be placed on the upper rack- not in or
near the utensil basket where your hand could be
cut when removing utensils.
Do not use rough scouring pads or abrasive
Do not fill the Bowl with boiling water. Do not place
any of the parts in boiling water.
Do not let the Knife Blade or Discs soak in water for
any length of time.
Emptythe bowl when food reaches the lower rim of the
Cover. Removethe Disc or Blade before removing food
from the bowl.
• When chopping, quarterfoods or cutthem into 1" (25
ram)pieces. Large pieces chop unevenly,with some
particles coarse and others overprocessed. When
slicing or shredding foods which are too large for the
FoodChute, decrease the size by first pre-cutting
them by hand to fit (K).
• When slicing and shredding, cut long foods to fit the
FoodChute [approximately
3 1/2" (90mm)] for best results.
• When processing long, narrowfoods, packthe Food
Chute so food will stand upright. Slices will then be
round and even (L).
For long shreds or slices, arrange 2 1/2" (65 ram)food pieces horizontally in the Food
Chute.These are attractive in salads, Oriental dishes, and vegetable dips (M).
Medium-sized loads chop more evenlythan large ones. If your recipe calls for 4
medium onions, for instance, chop them 2 at a time; so they will be evenly chopped
without being over-processed.
Fruits, vegetables, and medium-hard cheeses should be processed at refrigerator
Parmesan and Romano cheese should be processed at room temperature. See
"Processing Cheese" for techniques.


Table of Contents

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