Making Baby Food - Black & Decker PowerPro FP1000 Series Use & Care Manual

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Semi-Hard Cheeses- Cheddar, Colby,Longhorn, American, Swiss, Gruyere,
Emmenthaler, Jarlsberg, Edam, Gouda, Provolone. Temperature is not critical if
using the Knife Blade. These cheeses may be shredded or sliced, but they must be
well chilled. Use only light pressure on the Pusher.
Hard Cheeses- Parmesan, Romano,Pecarino, Sapsage. These cheeses have a
lower moisture content. If these cheeses are so hard as notto be able to pierce
easily with a thin knife, do not attempt to process in Food Processor. Hard cheeses
may be processed as soon as purchased and then stored in freezer until needed.
These cheeses should be processed with the Knife Blade only, as results are better
chopped than shredded.
To Chop or Grate Cheese to any texture from coarse to fine, first cut into 1" (25 ram)
cubes. Place in Bowl and pulse or process continuously until desired texture is
reached. Process up to 2 cups (480 ml) of cheese cubes at a time.
Maki.g Baby Food
The FoodProcessor makes preparing food for a baby an easy task. The baby may eat
what the rest of the family is eating rather than preparing a different meal.
With the FoodProcessor, it is possible to puree raw and cooked foods with a bit of
sauce or juice to enhance flavour and aid processing. Freshfruits and cooked meats
can be pureed; vegetables can be stewed briefly and pureed. The texture of the food
can be controlled by pulsing more or less to suit the needs and age of the child. Fresh
baby food can be available for even/feeding with a minimum of preservatives and


Table of Contents

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