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Playing Back Songs - Yamaha Modus F02 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Song data formats that can be played
• SMF (Standard MIDI File) Formats 0 and 1
The SMF format is one of the most common and widely compatible MIDI formats used
for storing sequence data. There are two variations: Format 0 and Format 1. A large
number of MIDI devices are compatible with SMF Format 0, and most commercially
available MIDI sequence data is provided in SMF Format 0. MIDI Songs recorded in this
instrument are saved as SMF Format 0.
• WAV format (.wav)
This is an audio file format commonly used by computers. This instrument can play
44.1kHz/16bit stereo WAV files. Audio Songs recorded on this instrument are saved in
this format. The maximum amount of time for playing an audio Song is 80 minutes.

Playing Back Songs

Press [BGM] to select a Song.
Refer to the table on page 23 for details on the Songs. [USB] can be selected only
when a USB flash memory is connected.
Select a Song.
Press the [-/NO] and [+/YES] to select a Song number, Scene number, "rnd" or
rnd (random)
...........................................Plays all the Songs continuously in sequence.
S.xx (scene)
XXX (Song number)
The 50 Piano Preset Songs (Classic & Jazz) have been divided into twenty three
groups or categories, to match a variety of listening preferences and to let you select
your favorite Songs based on a scene description. For instance, if you want to listen
to some "Elegant" Songs, select scene number 4. The Songs that match that category
will play sequentially. For a list of the 50 Piano Preset Songs (Classic & Jazz), see
page 39.
Playing Back Songs (BGM)
F02 Owner's Manual
3 4
........................Plays the Songs continuously in random order.
.....Play all Preset Songs in each scene continuously,
(xx: numerals)
when the [PRESET 1] or [PRESET 2] is selected.
..........Select a Song number and play only the selected
Song. About the Song number, refer to page 23.
The MIDI Song can be played
on this instrument is the size of
up to about 400KB per single
When you want to play a Song
saved to a USB flash memory,
read the section "Handling a
USB Flash Memory" (page 28),
then connect the USB flash
memory to the [USB TO
DEVICE] terminal.
You can play the keyboard
along with the Preset Songs.
You can also change the Voice
playing on the keyboard.
The tempo of Piano Preset
Songs (Classic & Jazz) and
Songs in the USB flash memory
cannot be adjusted. The
default tempo is automatically
selected whenever a new Song
is selected.
When you select a different
Song (or a different Song is
selected during chained
playback), an appropriate
Reverb Type will be selected



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