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Troubleshooting - Yamaha Modus F02 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Communication with the USB flash memory has been shut down because of overcurrent to the USB flash
memory. Disconnect the USB flash memory from the [USB TO DEVICE] terminal, then turn on the power of
the instrument again.
Communication with the USB flash memory has failed. Remove the USB flash memory and make the
connection again. If the message appears even when the USB flash memory is connected properly, the USB flash
memory may be damaged.
This USB flash memory is not supported on this instrument, or too many USB flash memories may have been
connected. Refer to "Handling a USB Flash Memory" (page 28) for information on the USB flash memory
To turn off the message, press [-/NO].


The instrument does not turn on.
A click or pop is heard when the power is turned on
or off.
Noise is heard from the speakers or headphones.
Noise is heard from the instrument's speakers or
headphones when using the instrument with the
application on iPhone/iPad.
The overall volume is low, or no sound is heard.
The damper pedal does not function as expected.
Sound input to the AUX IN jacks is interrupted.
The USB flash memory has hung up (stopped).
F02 Owner's Manual
Possible Cause and Solution
The instrument has not been plugged in properly. Securely insert the female
plug into the socket on the instrument, and the male plug into a proper AC
outlet (page 13).
This is normal when electrical current is being applied to the instrument.
The noise may be due to interference caused by the use of a mobile phone in
close proximity to this instrument. Turn off the mobile phone, or move it
further away from this instrument
When you use the instrument along with the application on your iPhone/
iPad, we recommend that you set "Airplane Mode" to "ON" on your iPhone/
iPad in order to avoid noise caused by communication.
The volume is set too low. Set it to an appropriate level using the [VOLUME]
slider (page 14).
Make sure a pair of headphones is not connected to the headphones jack
(page 13).
Make sure that Local Control is On (page 34).
The damper pedal was pressed when the power was turned on. This is not a
malfunction; release the pedal and press it again to reset the function.
The output volume of the external device connected to this instrument is too
low, resulting in the sound being cut off via the Noise Gate after it is input to
this instrument.
• Increase the output volume of the external device. The volume level
reproduced via this instrument's speakers can be adjusted by using the
[VOLUME] slider.
• Set the Noise Gate to off (page 33).
Refer to the Message List (page 37) in case a message is displayed. If this
happens without any messages, the USB flash memory may be damaged.



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