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Playing Back Songs In Usb Flash Memory - Yamaha Modus F02 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Press [PLAY/STOP] to start playback.
The Song number which is being played is shown on the display.
You can change the Song while it is playing back by pressing [-/NO]/[+/YES].
Press [PLAY/STOP] to stop playback.

Playing Back Songs in USB Flash Memory

Adjusting the volume (only for Audio Songs)
The volume level of this instrument may be markedly different from that of a
commercially available Audio Song or one recorded on another device. To adjust the
volume of the Audio Song, hold down [BGM] and press one of the C0 – G1 keys (Refer to
the Quick Operation Guide on page 49).
MIDI Song Playback Channel
When playing back MIDI Songs containing Voices that are incompatible with this
instrument (such as XG or GM Songs), the Voices may not sound as intended on the
original. If such a case occurs, set the Song Play Channel to "1&2. " By muting channels 3
to 16 via this setting, you may hear the original sound of the Song, as long as the piano
sound is assigned to channels 1 and 2.
 Play back only 1 and 2 (1&2)
While holding down [BGM], press the A♯-1 key (refer to the Quick Operation Guide on
page 49).
 Play back all the channels (ALL)
While holding down [BGM], press the A-1 key (refer to the Quick Operation Guide on
page 49).
Setting range:
1 (C0) – 20 (G1)
Default setting:
16 (D♯1)
Default setting:
Playing Back Songs (BGM)
F02 Owner's Manual



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