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Character Code - Yamaha Modus F02 Owner's Manual

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Song file management in a USB flash memory
Songs recorded in this instrument are called "User Songs" while Songs created outside
this instrument are called "External Songs. " In a USB flash memory, User Songs are saved
in the "USER FILES" folder. External Songs are saved outside the "USER FILES" folder.
However, User Songs are regarded as External Songs if the folder name is changed or the
files are moved to outside the "USER FILES" folder by using a computer.
If you organize the Song files in a USB flash memory by using computer, make sure to
save the External Song files to the first, second or third level folder. Songs saved in a
folder lower than the third level cannot be selected or played with this instrument.
USB flash memory
First Level
Song file
Song folder

Character Code

If the song cannot be loaded, you may need to change the character code setting.
 International
Files with western alphabetical names (including umlaut or diacritic marks) can be
loaded; however, files with names in Japanese cannot be loaded. Turn the power on while
holding the A-1 and A♯-1 keys.
 Japanese
Files with western alphabetical names and Japanese names can be loaded; however, file
names including umlauts or diacritic marks cannot be loaded. Turn the power on while
holding the A-1 and B-1 keys.
Second Level
Third Level
Available for selection/playback
User Song (MIDI)
User Song (Audio)
Song file
Song folder
Song file
Song folder
Power switch
Power switch
For details on playing back
Songs in USB Flash memory,
refer to "Playing Back Songs
(BGM)" (page 23).
Use a computer to delete
Fourth Level
Songs in a USB flash memory.
Up to 400 External Song files
can be played on this
for selection/
Song file
Song folder
Default setting:
Using a USB Flash Memory
F02 Owner's Manual



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