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Using The Pedals - Yamaha Modus F02 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Using the Pedals

This instrument has three foot pedals: damper pedal (right), sostenuto pedal
(center), and soft pedal (left) that produce a range of expressive effects similar to
those produced by the pedals on an acoustic piano.
Damper (Right) Pedal
When this pedal is pressed, the sound is sustained, even
when the keys are released. When this is used with one of
the Grand Piano Voices, a special Damper Resonance
effect (with Depth control; see below) is added, which
effectively reproduces the rich, resonant sound of the
soundboard, frame and cabinet of a real acoustic piano.
 To set the Damper Resonance Depth
While holding down [VARIATION], press one of the C5 – A♯5 keys.
(Refer to the Quick Operation Guide on page 49.)
Half-pedal function
This instrument also has a Half-pedal function which allows you to use half-damper
techniques, in which the damper is pressed somewhere between all the way down
and all the way up. In this half-damper state (on a real piano), the damper felts only
partially mute the strings. The Half-pedal function on this instrument lets you
delicately and expressively control the damper muting, and create subtle nuances in
your performance. It also lets you finely control the point at which pressure on the
pedal affects the damper muting.
GP Responsive Damper Pedal
The damper pedal of this instrument is a special GP Responsive Damper Pedal,
which has been designed to provide enhanced tactile response. When pressed, it is
much closer in feel to the pedal of an actual grand piano. It makes it easier to
physically experience the half-pedal point and more easily apply the half-pedal
effect than other pedals. Since the pressing sensation may vary depending on the
situation, including the location where the instrument is installed, you should adjust
the half-pedal point to the desired setting.
• To set the Half-pedal Point
While holding down [METRONOME], press one of the A♯3 – E4 keys.
(Refer to the Quick Operation Guide on page 49.)
Sostenuto (Center) Pedal
If you play a note or chord on the keyboard and press the
sostenuto pedal while holding the note(s), the notes will
sustain as long as the pedal is held. Organ and string
Voices will continue to sound for as long as the sostenuto
pedal is depressed. All subsequent notes will not sustain.
Soft (Left) Pedal
The soft pedal reduces the volume and slightly changes the timbre of notes
played while the pedal is pressed. The soft pedal will not affect notes that are already
playing or sustaining when it is pressed. Press the pedal immediately before you play the
target notes.
When you press the damper
pedal here, the notes you play
before you release the pedal
have a longer sustain.
When you press the sostenuto
pedal here while holding the
note, the note will sustain as
long as you hold the pedal.
Setting range:
0 (C5) – 10 (A♯5)
Default setting:
Different for each Voice
The pedals are covered with
vinyl covers when shipped
from the factory. For optimum
use of the GP Responsive
Damper Pedal, we
recommend that you remove
the cover from the damper
Setting range:
-2 (effective at shallow
position) – 0 – 4 (effective at
deep position)
Default setting:
0 (C4)
Playing the Piano
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