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Yamaha Modus F02 Owner's Manual page 35

Owner's manual
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Control Change on/off
Normally this instrument will respond to MIDI Change data received from an external
MIDI device or keyboard, causing the Voice on the corresponding channel to be affected
by pedal and other "control" settings received from the controlling device (the keyboard
Voice is not affected only when you select 1-16 channels on this instrument). This
instrument also transmits MIDI Control Change information when the pedal or other
appropriate controls are operated. This function makes it possible to cancel Control
Change data reception and transmission so that, for example, this instrument's pedal and
other controls can be operated without affecting an external MIDI device.
 To turn Control Change on or off
While holding down [BGM], press the D6 key. (Refer to the Quick Operation Guide on
page 49.) You can toggle Control Change on or off by pressing the D6 key.
For information on Program
Change numbers for each of
the instrument's Voices, refer to
the "MIDI Reference"
(downloadable from the
Yamaha website).
Setting range:
On, Off
Default setting:
F02 Owner's Manual



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