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Assembly - Yamaha Modus F02 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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• Assemble the stand on a hard and flat floor with ample space.
• Be careful not to confuse parts, and be sure to install all parts
in the correct orientation. Please assemble the unit in
accordance with the sequence given below.
• Assembly should be carried out by at least two persons.
• Be sure to use only the included screws of the specified sizes.
Do not use any other screws. Use of incorrect screws can
cause damage or malfunction of the product.
• Be sure to tighten all screws upon completing assembly of the
• To disassemble the unit, reverse the assembly sequence given
Have a Phillips-head (+) screwdriver that will fit the screw size
Remove all parts from the package and make sure you
have all of the items. B, C, and D are in a separate packing
The pedals are covered with vinyl covers when
shipped from the factory. For optimum use of the
GP Responsive Damper Pedal, we recommend that
you remove the cover from the damper pedal.
Included in the packing pads.
6 × 45 mm long screws (4)
6 × 14 mm short screws (12)
F02 Owner's Manual
Keyboard stand stabilizers (2)
AC power cord
Insert part D.
Position part D so that the holes face away from the A.
Then insert the projections on the panel into the holes on
top of part A, as shown in the illustration.
When part D is inserted in part A, do not apply pressure to part D
from the front or rear. Doing so may break the projections
extending from part D, allowing it to fall and be damaged.
Install parts B and C
Attach two short screws (6 × 14
mm) to each edge of D using
your fingers so that the screw
threads project about 10 mm
from the surface. Make sure that
the screws will not loosen and
fall out of the holes.
Make sure that the screws you
finger-tightened in step
not loosened. Then position B's
handhold toward the rear, and
hook B's bracket onto the projecting screws as shown in
the illustrations
. When doing so, be careful that the
bracket does not scratch D.
Align the holes located under the handhold on B with the
holes on A, then tighten two long screws (6 × 45 mm) to
secure B to A.
Lightly tighten two short screws (6 × 14 mm) into the
bracket on the bottom of A to secure B to A.
Follow the same steps to install part C.
10 mm
Position the bracket to the
rear of B.



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