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Playing Back Songs - Yamaha Clavinova CLP- 785 Owner's Manual

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Playing Back Songs

This instrument can play Preset Songs, Songs you recorded on this instrument, or commercially available
Songs. In addition to listening to these Songs, you can play the keyboard as the Song plays back.
MIDI Songs and Audio Songs
There are two kinds of Songs that can be recorded and played back on this
instrument: MIDI Songs and Audio Songs.
A MIDI Song is comprised of your keyboard performance information and is not a
recording of the actual sound itself. The performance information refers to which
keys are played, at what timing, and at what strength—just as in a musical score.
Based on the recorded performance information, the tone generator (of the
Clavinova, etc.) outputs the corresponding sound. A MIDI Song uses a small amount
of data capacity in comparison to an Audio song, and allows you to easily change
aspects of the sound, such as Voices used, etc.
An Audio Song is a recording of the performed sound itself. This data is recorded in
the same way as that used with voice recorders, etc. This data can be played with a
portable music player, etc., allowing you to easily let other people hear your
Availability of functions differs between MIDI Songs and Audio Songs. In this chapter, the
following icons indicate whether or not the explanation applies to MIDI Songs or Audio Songs
You can play back the following types of Songs in this instrument.
• Preset Voice Demo Songs (Voice Demo).
• Preset Songs: 50 classical Preset Songs ("50 Classical") and 303 Lesson Songs
• Your own recorded Songs (see page 54 for instructions on recording)
• Commercially available MIDI Song data: SMF (Standard MIDI File)
The maximum size for playback on this instrument is approx. 500KB per single
MIDI Song.
• Commercially available Audio Song data: Wav (file extension = .wav with
44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit resolution, stereo, and maximum 80 minutes length)
The CLP-785 and CLP-795GP are compatible with the following formats.
GM System Level 2
"GM (General MIDI)" is one of the most common Voice allocation formats. "GM System Level
2" is a standard specification that enhances the original "GM" and improves Song data
compatibility. It provides for increased polyphony, greater Voice selection, expanded Voice
parameters, and integrated effect processing.
XG is a major enhancement of the GM System Level 1 format, and was developed by Yamaha
specifically to provide more Voices and variations, as well as greater expressive control over
Voices and effects, and to ensure compatibility of data well into the future.
GS was developed by the Roland Corporation. In the same way as Yamaha XG, GS is a major
enhancement of the GM specifically to provide more Voices and Drum kits and their
variations, as well as greater expressive control over Voices and effects.
Indicates explanation applies
only to MIDI Songs
795GP 765GP
CLP-785, CLP-775, CLP-745, CLP-735, CLP-795GP, CLP-765GP Owner's Manual



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