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Daily Use - Electrolux EDC78550W User Manual

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Kast droog
Tijd (Time)
Mix (Mix)
Jeans (Jeans)
Wol (Wool)
Synthetisch kort
(Synthetics quick)
Katoen kort (Cot-
tons quick)
TIJD (Time) function available only with
TIJD (Time) programme.

Daily use

Sorting laundry
• Sort by fabric type:
– Cotton/linen for programmes in
toen (Cottons) programme group.
– Mixtures and synthetics for pro-
grammes in
ics ) programme group.
• Sort by care label: The care labels mean:
For thin fabrics which are not ironed, e.g. easy care shirts,
3 kg
table linen, baby clothes, socks, lingerie with bones or wires.
For thin fabrics which are also to be ironed, e.g. knitwear,
3 kg
cotton shirts.
For further drying of individual items of laundry. (Droogte-
8 kg
graad (Dryness) function not available)
For drying cotton and synthetic fabrics, uses low tempera-
3 kg
Special program with anti-crease mechanism for easy care
1 kg
fabrics such shirts and blouses; for minimum ironing effort.
(or 5
The results depends on the type of fabric and its finish. Place
fabrics in the dryer straight after spinning; once dried, imme-
diately remove fabrics and place on a clothes hanger.
For leisure clothing, such as jeans, sweat-shirts, etc., of dif-
8 kg
ferent material thicknesses (e.g. at the neck, cuffs and
For drying woollen fabrics after they have been washed, using
warm air at minimum mechanical load (Follow section "Sort-
1 kg
ing and preparing washing"). Recommendation: Remove
fabrics immediately after drying, as no anti-crease pro-
gramme follows.
Special programme, lasting around 10 minutes, for refreshing
or gently cleaning textiles with commercially available dry
cleaning sets. (Only use those products which are declared
1 kg
as suitable for the drier by the manufacturer; please observe
the manufacturer's instructions for use.)(Zoemer (Buzzer)
function available)
For quick drying synthetics fabrics with minimum creasing.
2 kg
Drying result: ready to store.
For quick drying cotton fabrics with minimum creasing. Dry-
3 kg
ing result: ready to store.
Synthetisch (Synthet-
Kort (Quick)
Drying in the tumble dryer possible in
Drying at normal temperature
Drying at reduced temperature
Drying in the tumble dryer not possible
electrolux 7

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents