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2. Use a damp hand to clean the micro- fine
filter, which is built into the lower part of
the loading aperture.
3. After a period of time, a patina due to de-
tergent residue on laundry forms on the
filters. When this occurs, clean the filters
with warm water using a brush. Remove
the filter from the door pulling it out. It can
be positioned with the tooth facing to the
left or to the right). After cleaning do not
forget to put it back.
4. Remove fluff from lint filter, preferably us-
ing a damp hand for this purpose.
5. Replace the filter.
Clean the door seal
Wipe the door seal with a damp cloth imme-
diately after the drying cycle has finished.
Emptying the water reservoir
Empty the water reservoir after every drying
If the water reservoir is full, an active pro-
gramme will break off automatically and the
warning lamp
lights. In order to continue
the programme, the water reservoir must first
be emptied.
Warning! The condensed water is not
suitable for drinking or for preparing
1. Take out water reservoir completely.
2. Pour condensed water out into a basin or
similar receptacle.
3. Refit water reservoir.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents