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Service - Electrolux EDC78550W User Manual

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Removing transport safety packaging
Before use all parts of the transport packag-
ing must be removed.
1. Open loading door
2. Pull off adhesive strips from inside ma-
chine on top of drum.
3. Remove foil hose and polystyrene pad-
ding from the machine.
Electrical connection
Details on mains voltage, type of current and
the fuses required should be taken from the
type plate. The type plate is fitted near the
loading aperture (see "Product description"


In the event of technical faults, please first
check whether you can remedy the problem
yourself with the help of the operating in-
structions - see chapter What to do if....
If you were not able to remedy the problem
yourself, please contact the Customer Care
Department or one of our service partners.
In order to be able to assist you quickly, we
require the following information:
Warning! The manufacturer declines
any responsibility for damage or injury
through failure to comply with the above
safety precautions.
Should the appliance power supply ca-
ble need to be replaced, this must be
carried out by our Service Center.
Warning! The power supply cable must
be accessible after installing the
Door reversal
To make it easier to load or unload the laun-
dry, the door can be reversed.
Warning! The door must only be
reversed by an authorised service
Please contact your local Service Force Cen-
tre. The engineer will carry out the door re-
versal at your cost.
Special accessories
The following special accessories are availa-
ble from your Electrolux Service Force Centre
or your specialist dealer:
Intermediate installation kits for stacked
washer and iron aid appliance:
These intermediate installation kits can be
used to arrange the iron aid appliance and an
automatic Electrolux washing machine
(60cm wide, front loading) as a space-saving
washer/iron aid stack. The automatic wash-
ing machine is at the bottom and the iron aid
appliance is at the top. Two versions can be
• without stacker plate
• with extractable stacker plate
Read the manual supplied with the installa-
tion kit carefully.
– Model description
– Product number (PNC)
– Serial number (S No. is on rating plate stuck
to the product - to find it see chapter Product
description ))
– Type of fault
– Any error messages displayed by the ap-
electrolux 17

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents