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Electrolux EDC78550W User Manual page 8

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8 electrolux
Important! Do not place in the appliance any
wet laundry which is not specified on the care
label as being suitable for tumble-drying.
This appliance can be used for all wet laundry
items which are labelled as suitable for tum-
• Do not dry new, coloured textiles together
with light-coloured laundry items. Textile
colours may bleed.
• Do not dry cotton jersey and knitwear with
Extra droog (Extra) programme.
Items may shrink!
• Wool and wool-like textiles can be dried
using the
Wol (Wool) programme. Be-
fore the drying cycle spin the woollen tex-
tiles as well as possible (max. 1200 rpm).
Only dry woollen textiles together of similar
or the same material, colour and weight.
Please dry heavy laundry items made of
wool separately.
Preparing laundry
• To avoid laundry becoming tangled: close
zips, button up duvet covers and tie loose
ties or ribbons (e.g. of aprons).
• Empty pockets. Remove metal items (pa-
per clips, safety pins, etc).
• Turn items with double-layered fabrics in-
side out (e.g. with cotton-lined anoraks,
the cotton layer should be outermost).
These fabrics will then dry better.
Important! Do not overload the appliance.
Observe max. loading volume of 8 kg.
Average laundry weights
quilt cover
man's work shirt
man's pyjamas
man's shirt
night dress
pillow case
towelling towel
ladies' briefs
men's underpants
tea cloth
Switching machine on
Turn the programme selector to any pro-
gramme. The machine switches on. When
the loading door is open, the internal lamp
illuminates the drum.
Door opening and laundry loading
1. Open loading door:
Push against the loading door (push
2. Load your laundry (do not force it in).
Caution! Do not jam laundry in between
1200 g
the loading door and rubber seal.
3. Close loading door securely. Lock must
700 g
audibly lock.
600 g
Selecting the programme
500 g
500 g
250 g
200 g
200 g
200 g
200 g
100 g
100 g
100 g
100 g
Use the programme selector to set the pro-
gramme you require. The estimated time to
100 g

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents