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Electrolux EDC78550W User Manual page 12

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12 electrolux
If the programme has been interrupted as
a result of the water reservoir being full:
Press the START/PAUZE (Start/Pause)
button to continue the drying cycle.
The water reservoir has a volume of ap-
prox. 4,5 litres. This is sufficient for
around 8 kg of laundry which has previ-
ously been spun at 1000 revolutions /
The condensed water can be used as
distilled water, e.g. for steam ironing.
However it must first be filtered (e.g. with
a coffee filter) to remove any residue and
small pieces of fluff.
Cleaning heat exchanger
If the
HEAT EXCHANGER is displayed,
the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned.
Caution! Operating when the heat
exchanger is blocked with fluff can
damage the dryer. This also increases
energy consumption.
1. Open door.
2. Open door in plinth. To do this, press the
release button on the bottom of the door
aperture and open the door in the plinth
to the left.
3. Clean fluff from the inside of the door and
the heat exchanger front chamber. Wipe
the door seal with a damp cloth.
4. Turn both lock washers inwards.
5. Use the handle to pull the heat exchanger
out of the base and carry it horizontally to
prevent any remaining water from spilling.
6. To empty the heat exchanger, hold verti-
cally over a washing-up bowl.
Caution! Do not use sharp objects to
clean. The heat exchanger could
develop leaks.
7. Clean heat exchanger.
It is best to use a brush or to rinse thor-
oughly with a hand-held shower.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents