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end of the programme appears in the LCD in
h:mm format (hours:minutes).
During the cycle time elapses by steps of one
minute; less than 1 hour the leading zero is
not shown (e.g. "59", "5", "0").
Selecting additional functions
You can choose from the additional functions
Delicaat (Delicate), Zoemer (Buzer ), Droog-
tegraad (Dryness), Tijd (Time) (if a Time pro-
gramme has been selected), and Startuitstel
Delicaat (Delicate)
For especially gentle drying of sensitive fab-
rics with the care label and for temperature-
sensitive textiles (e.g. acrylic, viscose). Pro-
gramme is executed with reduced heat. Del-
icaat is only suitable for use with loads of up
to 3kg.
1. Press the Delicaat (Delicate) button. The
Delicaat (Delicate) symbol appears in
the display.
Zoemer (Buzzer)
When the drying cycle has finished, an inter-
mittent audible signal will sound.
By depressing button Zoemer (Buzzer) the
acoustic signal is switched off in the following
• when selecting the programme
• when depressing the buttons
• when the programme selector dial is
turned to another position during the pro-
gramme or when you depress an option
button during the cycle
• at the end of the programme.
The corresponding light comes on
Droogtegraad (Dryness)
Press the Droogtegraad (Dryness) button re-
peatedly, to select the desired option. The
relevant light will light up. Laundry becomes
dryer from MIN to MAX. Press the Droogte-
graad (Dryness) button as many times as
necessary until the small light at the level of
residual dampness required is illuminated.
When the programme has finished the pilot
lights End is on.
Tijd (Time)
Use the TIJD (Time) button to select the pro-
gramme duration after setting the TIJD
programme. You can select a programme
duration from 20 min. to 3 hours in 10-minute
1. Turn the programme selector to the TIJD
2. Press the TIJD (Time) button repeatedly
until the desired programme duration is
shown in the display, e.g.
a programme of 20 minutes.
If the programme duration is not selected,
the duration is automatically set to 10 mins.
Startuitstel (Delay)
With the Startuitstel (Delay) button, you
can delay the start of a programme by
between 30 minutes (30') and a maxi-
mum of 20 hours (20h).
1. Select the programme and additional
2. Press the Startuitstel (Delay) button as
many times as necessary until the re-
quired time of the delay appears on the
display, e.g.
is to be started in 12 hours.
If the display is showing
you press the button again, the time de-
lay will be cancelled. The display will
show 0 and then the duration of the se-
lected programme.
3. To activate the delay timer, press the
START/PAUZE (Start/Pause) button. The
amount of time remaining until the pro-
gramme is set to start is continuously dis-
played (e.g. 15h, 14h, 13h, ... 30' etc).
Setting child lock
The child lock can be set to prevent a pro-
gramme being accidentally started or a pro-
gramme in operation being accidentally
changed. The child lock function locks all
buttons and the programme selector. The
child lock can be activated or deactivated by
electrolux 9
H if the programme
H and

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents