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Cleaning And Maintenance - Electrolux EDC78550W User Manual

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10 electrolux
holding down the DROOGTEGRAAD (DRY-
NESS) and TIJD (Time) buttons simultane-
ously for 5 seconds.
– Before programme is started: Appli-
ance cannot be used
– After programme is started: Pro-
gramme in operation cannot be
The icon
appears in the display to indicate
that the child safety device is activated.
The child safety device is not deactivated
once the programme comes to an end.
If you want to set a new programme, you
must first deactivate the child safety device.
Starting the programme
Press the START/PAUZE Start/Pause but-
ton. The programme is started. The pro-
gramme progress display shows drying pro-
gress. The symbols for
Coling appear in the display one after the
other. The number of droplets in the dryness
indicator gradually goes down as the drying
process progresses.
Changing programme
To change a programme which has been se-
lected by mistake once the programme has
started, first turn the programme selector to
O off and then reset the programme.
The programme can no longer be
changed directly once the programme
has started. If nevertheless there is an
attempt to change the programme on
the programme knob, the programme
progress display and the maintenance
indicators flash. If an option button (ex-
cluding the Zoemer (Buzzer) button) is
The drying programme is not however
affected by this (laundry protection).
Putting in extra items or taking items out
before end of programme
1. Open loading door.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning lint filters
To ensure that the appliance works perfectly,
the lint filters in the door and in front of the
drum must be cleaned after every drying cy-
Drying and
appears on the display.
Warning! Laundry and drum can
become hot. Risk of burns!
2. Load or remove laundry items.
3. Close loading securely. Lock must audi-
bly lock.
4. Press the START/PAUZE button to con-
tinue the drying cycle.
Drying cycle complete / removing
Once the drying cycle is complete, the dis-
play shows the anti-crease icon and flashing
as well as warning lamps:
filter and
full tank . If the Zoemer (Buzzer)
button has been pressed, an acoustic signal
sounds intermittently for about one minute.
The drying cycles (except from the Wol
programme) are automatically followed
by an anti-crease phase which lasts
around 30 minutes. The drum rotates at
intervals during this phase. This keeps
the laundry loose and free of creases.
The laundry can be removed at any time
during the anti-crease phase. (The laun-
dry should be taken out towards the end
of the anti-crease phase at the latest to
prevent creases from forming.)
1. Open door.
2. Before removing the laundry, remove fluff
from the micro-fine filter. It is best to use
a damp hand for this purpose. (See
"Maintenance and cleaning" chapter.)
3. Remove laundry.
4. Turn the programme selector to
Important! After each drying cycle:
- Clean the micro-fine filter and fine filter
- Drain the condensed water container
(See chapter "Maintenance and clean-
ing ".)
5. Close the door.
Caution! Important. Never operate the
dryer without the lint filter or with a
damaged or blocked lint filter.
1. Open loading door
off .

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents