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Cleaning And Maintenance - Electrolux EDE1074PDW User Manual

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The drying cycles are automatically fol-
lowed by an anti-crease phase which
lasts around 30 minutes. The drum ro-
tates at intervals during this phase. This
keeps the laundry loose and free of
creases. The laundry can be removed
at any time during the anti-crease
phase. (The laundry should be taken
out towards the end of the anti-crease
phase at the latest to prevent creases
from forming.) If LONG ANTICREASE
function has been selected, the an-
ti-crease phase is lengthened by 60 mi-


Warning! The tumble dryer is not to be
used if industrial chemicals have been
used for cleaning!
The filter collect all the fluff which accumu-
lates during drying. To ensure that the dryer
works perfectly, the fluff filter must be
cleaned after every drying cycle.
The warning light FILTER
mind you this operation.
Caution! Never operate the dryer
without fluff filter or with damaged or
blocked fluff filter.
Open loading door and remove laun-
2. Remove the filter which is built into the
lower part of the loading aperture.
1. Open door.
2. Remove laundry.
3. Remove filter after clothes has been re-
4. Turn the programme selector to "O"
Important! Clean the filter after each drying
5. Close the door.
, is on to re-
4. The filter can be positioned only to one
moved. Clean the filter.
Warning! Before You place the filter,
please check it there is nothing inside
the filter seat.
(OFF) .
Open the filter pressing the button,
among two slots on fingers. Clean the
filter using dump hand or cloth. After a
period of time, a patina due to deter-
gent residue on laundry forms on the fil-
ters. When this occurs, clean the filter
with warm water using a brush.
Close the filter and do not forget to put
it back.
Warning! Before You place the filter,
please check it there is nothing inside
the filter seat.
side. If position is wrong, the filter over-
If the filter will not snap into place, the
loading door cannot be closed.
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Table of Contents

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