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Perfect Turkey - Electrolux 318 205 111 Use And Care Manual

Built-in wall oven
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This mode uses the temperature probe to control precisely the cooking of a perfect turkey. The
convection system gently browns the turkey's exterior and seals in the juices. The temperature
probe is required with this cooking mode (read its section on next page for more details). The
oven can be programmed for Perfect Turkey at any temperature between 170°F to 550°F with
a default temperature of 325°F. The probe default temperature for the perfect turkey feature
is 180°F.
Perfect Turkey Tips:
• Thaw the turkey in the refrigerator at least 24 hours per 5 lbs before cooking the bird.
• Do not pre-heat your oven before using the Perfect Turkey mode.
• Use the broiler pan and grid, and the roasting rack. The broiler pan will catch grease spills
and the grid will help prevent spatters. The roasting rack will hold the turkey.
• Place an oven rack on rack position 2 (next-bottom).
• Make sure the roasting rack is securely seated on the grid in the broiler pan. The roasting
rack fits on the grid allowing the heated air to circulate under the food for even cooking and
helps to increase browning on the underside.
To set a Perfect Turkey:
1. Arrange interior oven racks and place food in the oven.
2. Insert the meat probe into the bird and connect it in the oven (read the probe section on
next page for more detail).
3. Press OVEN
default is needed.
Optional : Press PROBE
5. Press START
6. The Cook Time and Timer features can be set to control your Perfect Turkey time (read
their sections for directions).
7. Remove food from the oven when the probe chime signals that the bird internal
temperature has reached its target temperature.
8. Press CANCEL
to stop or cancel the Perfect Turkey feature at any time.
Perfect Turkey Chart
Poultry Turkey, whole*
Turkey, whole*
Turkey, whole*
* Stuffed turkey requires additional roasting time. Shield legs and breast with foil to
prevent overbrowning and dying of the skin.
Cooking Modes
to light up the available cooking modes pads.
. A temperature can be entered if another value than the
if you wish to change the probe target temperature (see PROBE section).
Oven Temp
12 to 16 lbs.
325° F
16 to 20 lbs.
325° F
20 to 24 lbs.
325° F
3 to 4 lbs.
350-375° F
Internal Temp
Min per lb.
180° F
180° F
180° F
180° F

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