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Removing And Replacing Oven Racks - Electrolux 318 205 111 Use And Care Manual

Built-in wall oven
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Removing Sliding Oven Racks
1. With the rack in its closed position; grasp the rack and the sliders at once.
2. Slightly lift the rack and sliders and pull it to clear the first bracket.
3. Pull the rack and sliders until the second bracket stops the rack.
4. Lift the rack and sliders and carefully remove them from the oven.
Refer to the care and cleaning section for directions on how to clean the racks.
Replacing Sliding Oven Racks
To replace the oven racks, follow the intructions above in reverse order.
Removing Non-Sliding Oven Racks
Simply pull the rack and slightly tilt it upward when the rack hits its stop position.
Replacing Non-Sliding Oven Racks
Insert the rack into the oven rack supports by inserting the rack openings into the rack
supports. Be sure the rack is at the same position on each oven rack support on both sides.
Always arrange the oven racks when the oven is cool (prior to operating the oven). Always use
oven mitts when using the oven.
Feature Overview
1st Bracket
2nd Bracket
Oven Rack
Oven Rack Slider
Oven Rack Support
Insert the openings
into the rack support

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