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Oven Controls; My Favorites - Electrolux 318 205 111 Use And Care Manual

Built-in wall oven
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Oven Controls


The Favorites settings allows you to save your most frequently used or most complex cooking
sequences. This feature will save the cooking mode, the target temperature and the cooktime
(if any). The oven can recall up to three cooking sequences from its internal memory, which
are easily accessible from a one touch button. These functions can be used with all cooking
modes and features.
To save a Favorite
- Saving a Favorite can only be done for an oven which is currently in operation.
1. Press OVEN
2. Press BAKE
3. Enter temperature needed;
5. Press COOK TIME
6. Enter time needed;
7. Press START
8. Press and hold for 3 seconds any MY FAVORITE
above the key will light up.
To recall a Favorite:
- Recalling a Favorite can only be done for an oven which is not currently in operation.
1. Press any MY FAVORITE
2. Press START
To overwrite a Favorite:
1. To overwrite a My Favorite simply start a new cooking sequence and save it into the same
My Favorite location (1, 2 or 3) for the selected oven as shown in example above. The new
My Favorite settings will overwrite the old ones.
To delete a Favorite:
1. Select oven by pressing
2. Press the currently lighted up MY FAVORITE
(example is a 450°F Bake for 30 minutes)
to light up the available cooking modes pads.
. The default temperature will appear in the display.
4 5 0
to bring up the cook options items.
. The time numbers will blink in the display.
3 0
pad which is currently lighted up.
pad. Notice that the red indicator
pad you wish to delete for 3 seconds.

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