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Electrolux 318 205 111 Use And Care Manual page 28

Built-in wall oven
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Cooking Modes
To review and edit a Multi Stage sequence:
Once the first and second stages have been programmed, the control displays a Review
Screen. During this mode, the temperature display is cleared, the stage numbers are lit
and the numeric pads corresponding to the programmed stages are lit.
To review a programmed stage cooking mode, press the corresponding numeric pad.
The temperature and cook time pads will light up and the control will display the
programmed values.
To edit a programmed stage cooking mode being reviewed, press CANCEL
bring you back to the programming steps explained in the previous page. The third stage
cannot be edited but can be deleted by pressing CANCEL
return to the review screen from the programming screen, at any time press MULTI STAGE
To begin the cooking sequence from the review screen, simply press START
. This will
on the review screen. To

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