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Network Settings - LG RVF1000 Owner's Manual

Video conference system
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Network settings

You must set the IP address for the call.
Assignment: Set to STATIC or DHCP for your network configuration.
DHCP: Select this option when a DHCP server is installed on the network to allow IP address assignment. With this setting, the
IP address is assigned automatically. If you set to this, the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Main DNS and Sub DNS options are
STATIC: Select this option when you set the network configuration manually.
IP Address: Enter the static IP address of the device.
Subnet Mask: Enter the subnet mask IP address.
Gateway: Enter the default gateway IP address.
Main DNS: Enter the Primary domain name server that translates the hostnames into IP address.
Sub DNS : Enter the Sub DNS server address that backups the Main DNS.
This function is used when users try to bypass the firewall
NAT Configuration:
Disable: Not used this function.



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