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Placing A Call Using The Speed Dial; Answering Or Rejecting A Call; Managing A Call; Ending A Call - LG RVF1000 Owner's Manual

Video conference system
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Placing a Call using the
If you set the Speed Dial number, you can place a call easily.
Press and hold the registered number button for a while until the Call status dialog box shows.

Answering or Rejecting a Call

You can configure your system to automatically answer incoming calls by setting preferences in [User > General > Answer Type] menu as
Auto Answer: If you select this option, the system automatically answers the first incoming call.
Manual: If you select this option, you must manually answer incoming calls.
If your system is configured for answering calls manually, choose one of the following options when an incoming call arrives:
Select the [Pick up] button and press the [OK] button to accept the call.
Select the [Reject] button and press the [OK] button to reject the call.
Do not disturb me: If you select this option, you can block the all of the call from the other system. The "Do not disturb" message is
displayed on the middle of the top of the main screen. The missed calls appear in the Call History list. Consider using this feature, for
example, if you are using the meeting room for a purpose other than a video conference and do not wish to be disturbed by incoming
If you call to another system when the "Do not disturb" function is enabled, the warning window is displayed and the call is
disconnected automatically.

Managing a Call

During a call, you can view information about the status of the call and the identity of the connected caller.

Ending a Call

You can end a call using hang up
Press the hang up

Hiding or Showing User Interface Elements

To hide or show the user interface elements at any time during a call, press the red

Managing Audio

You can adjust the volume of the audio and mute the active microphone.
Adjusting Volume
To adjust the volume in a call, use the [VOL + / -] button on the remote control. If the volume is set to "0", audio output is muted and Mute icon
appears in the main screen.
If the camera is too close to the TV, Echo Performance can be bad condition.
If you use the built-in speaker and the camera is too close to the Codec box, Echo Performance can be bad condition.
Speed Dial
button on the remote control.
button when you want to end a call.



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