LG PRDCA0 Installation Manual

Ahu communication kit


• Please read this installation manual completely before installing the product.
• Installation work must be performed in accordance with the national wiring
standards by authorized personnel only.
• Please retain this installation manual for future reference after reading it
P/NO : MFL50024804


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  • Page 1 • Please read this installation manual completely before installing the product. • Installation work must be performed in accordance with the national wiring standards by authorized personnel only. • Please retain this installation manual for future reference after reading it thoroughly. MODEL : PRDCA0 www.lg.com P/NO : MFL50024804...
  • Page 2: Energy

    TIPS FOR SAVING ENERGY TIPS FOR SAVING ENERGY Here are some tips that will help you minimize the power consumption when you use the air conditioner. You can use your equipment more efficiently by referring to the instructions below: • Do not cool excessively indoors. This may be harmful for your health and may consume more electricity.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING THE APPLIANCE. Always comply with the following precautions to avoid dangerous situations and ensure peak performance of your product WARNING It can result in serious injury or death when the directions are ignored CAUTION It can result in minor injury or product damage when the directions are ignored WARNING...
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Operation • Do not share the outlet with other appliances. - It will cause an electric shock or a fire due to heat generation. • Do not use the damaged power cord. - Otherwise, it may cause a fire or electrical shock. •...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    LATION Pipe thermistors Installation IMPORTANT SAFETY TROUBLESHOOTING INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION SCENE SUPPLIES OPTIONAL ACCES- SORIES PART DESCRIPTION Communication Kit (PRDCA0) BEFORE INSTALLATION COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION Mechanical installation Electric Wiring Work Electric Wiring Work Electrical Work Electric Wiring Work Controller Setting Method...
  • Page 6: Installation Scene

    (Heating) Parts and components Name Remarks Air Handling Unit Field supply Outdoor Unit Multi V AHU Communication Kit(PRDCA0) AHU EEV Kit(PRLK048A0/PRLK096A0) Field piping Field supply Wiring connections Power supply and communication Communication Kit Wiring between comm. kit and outdoor unit...
  • Page 7: Supplies

    SUPPLIES SUPPLIES PRDCA0 Compo- AHU Comm. Room Pipe Installation Bracket Option PCB nents thermistor thermistors Manual EBG61287703(In) EBR52358907 P/NO AJT73857401 EBG61106821 MFL50024804 MAZ49398901 EBG61287704(Out) Shape Quanti- 2(Each 1) 11(Each 1) ty(EA) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm) Model Gross POWER Name Gross...
  • Page 8: Optional Accessories

    OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Accessories Components Remote controller Model name PQRCVSL0 / PQRCVSL0QW Shape * For further details of the accessories, refer to the manual provided at the time of purchasing the accessories.
  • Page 9: Part Description

    PART DESCRIPTION PART DESCRIPTION Communication Kit (PRDCA0) No. m Part Name Quantity (EA) Plastic (+) Bolt Cover Expansion I/O PCB Supporter (Connect No. 3) Main PCB case Main PCB Option PCB (192 kBtu/hr) Bracket (For Adaptor) AC/DC Convertor Supporter (Fixing Wiring)
  • Page 10: Before Installation

    BEFORE INSTALLATION BEFORE INSTALLATION CAUTION • Don't install or operate the unit in rooms mentioned below. ① Where mineral oil, like cutting oil is present. ② Where the air contains high levels of salt such as air near the ocean. ③...
  • Page 11 BEFORE INSTALLATION CAUTION Selection of Evaporator(Air Handling Unit) See table below for applicable units Selecting the capacity setting 'Option PCB'(Accessory) according to the capacity mentioned below. - The corresponding capacity setting 'Option PCB' needs to be selected depending on the need capacity.
  • Page 12 BEFORE INSTALLATION CAUTION • AHU Operation range - When installing Room thermistor, always place it to the inlet of Heat Exchanger. Other- wise, it may might not operate properly. - Range of the inlet Air temperature to the Heat Exchanger is 18 ~ 40°C for cooling & 5 ~ 30°C for heating.
  • Page 13: Communication Kit Installation

    COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION Mechanical installation Remove the Comm. Kit box cover by unscrewing the plastic bolt (6EA) Drill 4 holes on correct position and fix the Comm. Kit box securely with 4 screws (Field supply) through the provided holes Ø4.5mm (Reference the length of the holes Ø4.5) 348 mm Provided holes Ø4.5 mm (4EA)
  • Page 14: Electric Wiring Work

    COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION Electric Wiring Work Circuit diagram CAUTION If you want to use Analogue Input signal for a variable capacity and a set temperature of room, you have to connect the wiring of AI 10-2, AI 10-3, AI 10-4.
  • Page 15: Electric Wiring Work

    COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION Electric Wiring Work Terminal Block No. Connection Function Remark. 220-240 V~ 50 Hz 1(L) / 2(N) Power Supply 220 V~ 60 Hz 208/230 V~ 60 Hz To AHU Fan Signal High/Mid/Low To EEV Kit EEV Kit 11-12 To AHU Communication Line Internet A, B...
  • Page 16: Electrical Work

    COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION Electrical Work Connection of the wires For connection to outdoor unit and to controller (Field supply) : Pull the wires inside through the cable gland and close the nut firmly in order to ensure a good pull relieve and water protection. The wires require an additional pull-relief.
  • Page 17: Electric Wiring Work

    COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION Electric Wiring Work CAUTION • All field supplied parts and materials and electric works must be conform to local codes. • Use copper wire only. • All wiring must be performed by an authorized electrician. • A main switch or other means for disconnection, having a contact separation in all poles, must be incorporated in the fixed wiring in accordance to relevant local and national legisla- tion.
  • Page 18: Controller Setting Method

    COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION Controller Setting Method Capacity controller Communication port Analog Input(2ch) (1ch, RS485) DIP S/W(SW03) Reset Button DIP S/W(SW01) Rotary S/W (3EA) Power(DC 12V) Digital Input(5ch) Digital Output(7ch) CAUTION - DI requires non-voltage contact - DO provides relay output (max : 250Vac 1A) - AI : 0Vdc ~ 10Vdc - RS485 port : Connect to INTERNET A/B on ODU’s main PCB Actually only AHU controller controls or regulate SA temperature, we...
  • Page 19 COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION ② Dip S/W(SW03) * Setting : Black SW03_SW [Default setting] - . No 1/2/3/4/6/7/8 : On - . No 5 : Off CAUTION When the Dip S/W No. 6 is On, capacity control is possible and the value of Analogue input signal for temperature control, Rotary S/W and Remote controller is ignored.
  • Page 20 COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION ③ Dip S/W(SW01) * Setting : Black SW01_SW [Default setting] -. No 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 : Off...
  • Page 21 COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION ④ Room Temperature control from DDC or Rotary S/W h According to Dip S/W(SW03) Setting, you can set up the Function of Room Temperature control. Dip S/W(SW03) Rotary S/W Rotary S/W Dip S/W(② SW03) Function RS485 Communication with MULTI V No 1 Not available Possible to control Room Temperature Function (Default)
  • Page 22 COMMUNICATION KIT INSTALLATION • Dip S/W(SW03) NO 4 : ON Analog Input 10-4 (VDC) Room Temp.(°C) Room Temp.(°C) Range Cooling Heating Normal Min. Max. 1.15 Not available Not available 1.35 1.65 1.85 2.15 2.35 2.65 2.85 3.15 3.35 3.65 3.85 4.15 4.35 4.65...
  • Page 23: Ahu Kit Wiring Configuration With Ddc

    (AHU) Te : HEX. Temp. Td : Discharge Temp. (Multi V) LG Supply Field Supply Comm. Kit control capacity of the cooling/heating only according to the DDC’s control signal (DC 0~10V) Control signal from the DDC is decided by calculation logic with Td/Ti and setting tempera- ture (Calculation logic depends on BMS program).
  • Page 24: Di Wring Concept

    AHU KIT WIRING CONFIGURATION WITH DDC DI Wring concept DI Specification : Non-Voltage Contact Digital Input(5ch) Input Wiring Logic Conditions Open Short -. When short, the fan signal (FAN) is On -. Operation mode Operation and ODU will start to run. : DI 23-3/23-2 Operation DI 01-3...
  • Page 25: Do Wring Concept

    AHU KIT WIRING CONFIGURATION WITH DDC DO Wring concept DO Specification : AC 250V, DC 30V, 1A Digital Output(7ch) Output Wiring Logic Open Short -. When DI 01-3 is short, ODU and FAN are On. Operation Operation DO 01-4 -. When DI 01-3 is open, ODU and FAN are Off. -.
  • Page 26: Ai Wring Concept

    AHU KIT WIRING CONFIGURATION WITH DDC AI Wring concept Analog Input(2ch) * Setting DIP S/W(SW01) AI Specification : DC 0~10V 1.Option #1 2.Option #2 3.Option #3 Discharge Temperature Control through controlling of ODU capacity 1. Option #1...
  • Page 27 AHU KIT WIRING CONFIGURATION WITH DDC 2. Option #2 Comp. DO 01-4 is short, DO 01-2 is open. 0.6 1.4 1160 20.3 1800 28.4 1.6 2.4 1100 19.0 1950 31.5 2.6 3.4 1070 17.9 2080 34.1 3.6 4.4 15.8 2340 38.9 DI will determine 4.6 5.4...
  • Page 28: Fan Signal Wiring Concept

    AHU KIT WIRING CONFIGURATION WITH DDC FAN Signal Wiring Concept [AHU] Motor Relay Field Wiring Factory Wiring [AHU Comm. Kit] R-LOW R-MED R-HI 1(L) 2(N) 1(L) 2(N) (MCC Panel ) Control power 220-240 V~ 50 Hz 220 V~ 60 Hz Motor operating power 208/230 V~ 60 Hz 220-240 V~ 50 Hz...
  • Page 29: Thermistors Installation

    THERMISTORS INSTALLATION THERMISTORS INSTALLATION Pipe thermistors Installation Location of the pipe thermistors A correct installation of the thermistors is required to ensure a good operation : Pipe_In(EBG61287703) : Install the thermistor behind the distributor on the coldest pass the heat exchanger (contact your heat exchanger dealer).
  • Page 30 THERMISTORS INSTALLATION Installation of the pipe thermistor cable Put the thermistor cable in a separate protective tube. Always add a pull-relief to the thermistor cable to avoid strain on the thermistor cable and loosening of the thermistor. Strain on the thermistor cable or loosening of the thermistor may result in bad contact and incorrect temperature measurement.
  • Page 31 THERMISTORS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION • Put the thermistor wire slightly top to above water accumulation on down of the thermis- tor. • For sensing the evaporator’s temp. in thermistor, Put the upper port the thermistors on the evaporator, this is the most sensitive point of the thermistor. Most sensitive point of the thermistor Maximize the contact 45 °...
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Cause Remedy Check the electrical connection and voltage No power supply of the power supply. Check the electrical connection of the AHU Communication Kit Wiring is wrong Communication Kit (Refer to the circuit dia- does not work gram of the Communication Kit) AHU Communication Kit Check the electrical and mechanical part.

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