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Remote Control - LG RVF1000 Owner's Manual

Video conference system
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Remote Control

This remote control provides wireless control of all Video conference system functions and enables you to navigate the user interface, place
and receive calls and control far end cameras connected to the system.
Battery Installation
Open the battery cover, replace batteries (1.5 V AAA) matching 3 and 3 ends to the label inside the compartment and then close the
battery cover.
Do not mix old and new batteries as this may damage the remote control.
Use this button to zoom in or
zoom out of the far end camera.
Use this button to mute
microphones of the near end
Displays the system or call
Use this button to select the
video input source (camera or
PC) of the near camera.
Use this button to return to the
previous condition.
Use this button to return to the
main screen.
Displays the directory menu.
Use these buttons to input text
or numbers.
1/a/A: Change the input type
among the number, lower
case and upper case.
DEL.: Delete a character
before the cursor position.
SPACE: Insert a space at the
cursor position.
Use this button to adjust the
volume of the system in a call.
Use this button to select the near
or far end camera.
Displays the system setup menu.
Arrow buttons: Navigate
the menu options. Use this
button to Pan/Tilt control for
far end camera.
OK: Confirms menu
Use this button to change the
screen layout.
Use this button when the system
receives a call or manully make a
Use this button when you want
to hang up the call.
Use this button to set the far end
camera preset.
Function buttons.
Each button function is changed
as the condition of the menu
and system operation refers to
the each screen for more details.



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