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Before Using The System; Placing A Call; Placing A Call Manually - LG RVF1000 Owner's Manual

Video conference system
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Before using the system

Before using the LG VCS device, make sure the connections are correct and verify whether proper power supply is used.
Check the connections of the LG VCS device for the correct conditions.
Check that the LG VCS device is connected to the network and power is supplied.
Before using the VCS, make sure the network settings are correct.
Before placing a call, examine the near end video image from the connected camera to your system. If the image flickers, colors appear
unbalanced or the image appears too dark, you may need to adjust the room lighting or camera brightness and whitebalance.

Placing a Call

You can place a call from your system to another VCS system. Begin a call in one of the following ways:

Placing a call manually

You can place a call by entering the IP address manually.
1. Select the Text input field and press the [OK] button.
2. Enter an IP address or dial numbers.
Use the
button to change the method of text entry for text input field.
3. After entering a value, press the [OK] button. The call
4. Press the [OK] button again to place a call. The Call status dialog box is displayed.
The Call status dialog box shows the number or IP address that you are attempting to call and the status of the call.
If you cancel the call, press the [OK] button during the dialing.
If the system does not answer the call within about 120 seconds, your system will be disconnected automatically.
Check the IP address of the system before you place a call. If you do not set the IP address correctly or set the wrong IP address, you can
not make a call.
button is selected automatically.



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