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Omega FMA 4000 User Manual: Gas Table Settings; Totalizer Settings

Digital mass flow meters.
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Note: Once Flow Unit of Measure is changed, the Totalizer's
Volume/Mass based Unit of Measure will be changed automatically.

5.3.2 Gas Table Settings

The FMA 4000 Mass Flow Meter is capable of storing calibration data for up to 10
different gases. Digital interface commands are provided to:
get currently active Gas Table number and Gas name
set desired Gas Table.
Note: By default the FMA 4000 is shipped with at least one valid
calibration table (unless optional additional calibrations were ordered).
If instead of the valid Gas name (for example NITROGEN), the LCD
screen or digital interface displays Gas designator as "Uncalibrated",
then the user has chosen the Gas Table which was not calibrated.
Using an "Uncalibrated" Gas Table will result in erroneous reading.

5.3.3 Totalizer Settings

The total volume of the gas is calculated by integrating the actual gas flow rate
with respect to the time. Digital interface commands are provided to:
reset the totalizer to ZERO
start the totalizer at a preset flow
assign action at a preset total volume
start/stop (enable/disable) totalizing the flow
read totalizer via digital interface
The Totalizer has several attributes which may be configured by the user.
These attributes control the conditions which cause the Totalizer to start integrat-
ing the gas flow and also to specify actions to be taken when the Total Volume is
outside the specified limit.
Note: Before enabling the Totalizer, ensure that all totalizer settings
are configured properly. Totalizer Start values have to be entered in
%F.S. engineering unit. The Totalizer will not totalize until the flow rate
becomes equal to or more than the Totalizer Start value. Totalizer Stop
values must be entered in currently active volume / mass based
engineering units. If the Totalizer Stop at preset total volume feature is
not required, then set Totalizer Stop value to zero.
Totalizer action conditions become true when the totalizer reading and preset
"Stop at Total" volumes are equal.



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