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Omega FMA 4000 User Manual: Electrical Connections; Power Supply Connections; Output Signals Connections

Digital mass flow meters.
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Electrical Connections

FMA 4000 is supplied with a 15 pin "D" connector. Pin diagram is presented in
Figure b-1.

Power Supply Connections

The power supply requirements for FMA 4000 transducers are: 11 to 26 Vdc,
(unipolar power supply)
DC Power (+) --------------- pin 7 of the 15 pin "D" connector
DC Power (-)
CAUTION: Do not apply power voltage above 26Vdc.
Doing so will cause FMA 4000 damage or faulty operation.

2.2.2 Output Signals Connections

CAUTION: When connecting the load to the output terminals, do not exceed
the rated values shown in the specifications. Failure to do so might cause
damage to this device. Be sure to check if the wiring and the polarity of the
power supply is correct before turning the power ON. Wiring error may cause
damage or faulty operation.
FMA 4000 Mass Flow Meters are equipped with either calibrated 0-5 or calibrat-
ed 4-20 mA output signals (jumper selectable). This linear output signal repre-
sents 0-100% of the flow meter's full scale range.
WARNING: The 4-20 mA current loop output is self-powered (non-isolated).
Do NOT connect an external voltage source to the output signals.
Flow 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA output signal connection:
Plus (+) -------------------------- pin 2 of the 15 pin "D" connector
Minus (-) -------------------------- pin 1 of the 15 pin "D" connector
To eliminate the possibility of noise interference, use a separate cable entry for
the DC power and signal lines.
--------------- pin 5 of the 15 pin "D" connector



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