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Omega FMA 4000 User Manual

Digital mass flow meters.
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User' s Guide
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FMA 4000
Digital Mass Flow Meters



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   Summary of Contents for Omega FMA 4000

  • Page 1

    User’ s Guide Shop online at e-mail: FMA 4000 Digital Mass Flow Meters...

  • Page 2

    Toll Free in United Kingdom: 0800-488-48 FAX: +44 (0)161 777 6622 e-mail: sales@ It is the policy of OMEGA to comply with all worldwide safety and EMC/EMI regulations that apply. OMEGA is constantly pursuing certification of its products to the European New Approach Directives.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. UNPACKING THE FMA 4000 MASS FLOW METER........Inspect Package for External Damage..........Unpack the Mass Flow Meter............... Returning Merchandise for Repair............2. INSTALLATION..................Primary Gas Connections..............Electrical Connections..............2.2.1 Power Supply Connections.............. 2.2.2 Output Signals Connections.............. 2.2.3 Communication Parameters and Connections........

  • Page 4

    APPENDIX VI WARRANTY................TRADEMARKS Buna-N Neoprene ® ® -is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers. -is a registered trademark of DuPont. Kalrez Omega ® ® -is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers. -is a registered trademark of Omega Engineering Inc.

  • Page 5: Unpacking The Fma 4000 Mass Flow Meter

    UNPACKING THE FMA 4000 MASS FLOW METER Inspect Package for External Damage Your FMA 4000 Mass Flow Meter was carefully packed in a sturdy cardboard car- ton, with anti-static cushioning materials to withstand shipping shock. Upon receipt, inspect the package for possible external damage. In case of external damage to the package contact the shipping company immediately.

  • Page 6

    CAUTION: FMA 4000 TRANSDUCERS SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR MONITORING OXYGEN GAS UNLESS SPECIFICALLY CLEANED AND PREPARED FOR SUCH APPLICATION. For more information, contact Omega 7 . Attitude limit of the Mass Flow Meter is ±15 from calibration position (standard calibration is in horizontal position).

  • Page 7: Electrical Connections

    Electrical Connections FMA 4000 is supplied with a 15 pin “D” connector. Pin diagram is presented in Figure b-1. 2.2.1 Power Supply Connections The power supply requirements for FMA 4000 transducers are: 11 to 26 Vdc, (unipolar power supply) DC Power (+) --------------- pin 7 of the 15 pin “D” connector DC Power (-) --------------- pin 5 of the 15 pin “D”...

  • Page 8: Communication Parameters And Connections

    2.2.3 Communication Parameters and Connections The digital interface operates via RS485 (optional RS232) and provides access to applicable internal data including: flow, CPU temperature reading, auto zero, total- izer and alarm settings, gas table, conversion factors and engineering units selec- tion, dynamic response compensation and linearization table adjustment.

  • Page 9

    DC Power cable length may not exceed 9.5 feet (3 meters). Use of the FMA 4000 flow transducer in a manner other than that spec- ified in this manual or in writing from Omega, may impair the protection provided by the equipment.

  • Page 10: Principle Of Operation

    PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION The stream of gas entering the Mass Flow transducer is split by shunting a small portion of the flow through a capillary stainless steel sensor tube. The remainder of the gas flows through the primary flow conduit. The geometry of the primary con- duit and the sensor tube are designed to ensure laminar flow in each branch.

  • Page 11: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS FLOW MEDIUM: Please note that FMA 4000 Mass Flow Meters are designed to work only with clean gases. Never try to measure flow rates of liquids with any FMA 4000. CALIBRATIONS: Performed at standard conditions [14.7 psia (101.4 kPa) and 70 (21.1 C)] unless otherwise requested or stated.

  • Page 12

    CAUTION: Omega makes no expressed or implied guarantees of corrosion resistance of mass flow meters as pertains to different flow media reacting with components of meters. It is the customers' sole responsibility to select the model suitable for a particular gas based on the fluid contacting (wetted) materials offered in the different models.

  • Page 13: Operating Instructions

    When applying power to a flow meter within the first two seconds, you will see on the LCD display: the product name, the software version, and revision of the EEP- ROM table (applicable for LCD option only). OMEGA FMA 4000 485 S: Ver1.4 Rev.A0...

  • Page 14: Swamping Condition

    Note: Allow the Digital Mass Flow Meter to warm-up for a MINIMUM of 6 minutes. During initial powering of the FMA 4000 transducer, the flow output signal will be indicating a higher than usual output. This is an indication that the FMA 4000 transducer has not yet attained its minimum operating temperature.

  • Page 15: Fma 4000 Parameters Settings

    FMA 4000 Parameters Settings 5.3.1 Engineering Units Settings The FMA 4000 Mass Flow Meter is capable of displaying flow rate with 23 different Engineering Units. Digital interface commands (see paragraph 8.3 ASCII Command Set “FMA 4000 SOFTWARE INTERFACE COMMANDS”) are provided to: get currently active Engineering Units set desired Engineering Units.

  • Page 16: Gas Table Settings

    Note: Once Flow Unit of Measure is changed, the Totalizer’s Volume/Mass based Unit of Measure will be changed automatically. 5.3.2 Gas Table Settings The FMA 4000 Mass Flow Meter is capable of storing calibration data for up to 10 different gases. Digital interface commands are provided to: get currently active Gas Table number and Gas name set desired Gas Table.

  • Page 17: Flow Alarm Settings

    Local maintenance push button is available for manual Totalizer reset on the field. The maintenance push button is located on the right side of the flow meter inside the maintenance window above the 15 pin D-connector (see Figure c-1 “FMA 4000 configuration jumpers”).

  • Page 18: Relay Assignment Settings

    Latch Mode- Controls Latch feature when Relays are assigned to Alarm event. Following settings are available: 0 - Latch feature is disabled for both relays 1 - Latch feature is enabled for Relay#1 and disabled for Relay#2 2 - Latch feature is enabled for Relay#2 and disabled for Relay#1 3 - Latch feature is enabled for both relays.

  • Page 19: Zero Calibration

    The available K Factor settings are: • Disabled (K = 1). • Internal Index The index [0-35] from internal K factor table (see APPENDIX II). • User Defined User defined conversion factor. Note: The conversion factors will not be applied for % F.S. engineering unit.

  • Page 20

    AUTOZERO IS ON! Figure b-6: FMA 4000 Screen in the beginning of Auto Zero procedure. The Auto Zero procedure normally takes 1 - 2 minutes during which time the DP Zero counts and the Sensor reading changes approximately every 3 to 6 seconds. AUTOZERO IS ON! DP: 512 Figure b-7: FMA 4000 during the Auto Zero procedure.

  • Page 21: Self Diagnostic Alarm

    5.3.8 Self Diagnostic Alarm FMA 4000 series Mass Flow Meters are equipped with a self-diagnostic alarm which is available via multicolor LED, digital interface and on screen indication (for devices with optional LCD). The following diagnostic events are supported: DIAGNOSTIC LED COLOR PRIORITY NUMBER...

  • Page 22: Maintenance

    RF or magnetic interference. If periodic calibrations are required, they should be performed by qualified per- sonnel and calibrating instruments, as described in section 7. It is recommended that units are returned to Omega ® for repair service and calibration.

  • Page 23: Flow Path Cleaning

    Flow Path Cleaning Before attempting any disassembly of the unit for cleaning, try inspecting the flow paths by looking into the inlet and outlet ends of the meter for any debris that may be clogging the flow through the meter. Remove debris as necessary. If the flow path is clogged, proceed with steps below.

  • Page 24: Calibration Procedures

    C), 20 psia (137.9 kPa absolute) inlet pressure and 0 psig outlet pressure. It is best to calibrate FMA 4000 transducers to actual operating condi- tions. Specific gas calibrations of non-toxic and non-corrosive gases are available for specific conditions. Please contact your Omega for a price quotation. ®...

  • Page 25: Gas Calibration Of Fma 4000 Mass Flow Meter

    When linearity adjustment is needed or flow range changes are being made, proceed to step 7.2.3. Flow range changes may require a different Restrictor Flow Element (RFE). Consult Omega ® for more information.

  • Page 26

    All adjustments made to the gas linearization table will be applied to the currently selected gas. Use Gas Select command via digital communication interface (see paragraph 8.3 ASCII Command Set “FMA 4000 SOFTWARE INTERFACE COMMANDS”) or Omega ® supplied calibration and maintenance software to verify current gas table or select a new gas table.

  • Page 27: Analog Output Calibration Of Fma 4000 Mass Flow Meter

    !11,MW,133,3450[CR] - writes new sensor value (3450 counts) in to the index 133 Once 100% F.S. calibration is completed, the user can proceed with calibration for another 9 points of the linearization table by using the same approach. Note: It is recommended to use Omega ® supplied calibration and maintenance software for gas table calibration.

  • Page 28: Initial Setup

    FMA 4000. The commands provided below assume that cal- ibration will be performed manually (w/o Omega supplied calibration and main- ® tenance software) and the device has RS485 address 11. If Omega ® supplied cal- ibration and maintenance software is used, skip the next section and follow the...

  • Page 29: Gas Flow 0-5 Vdc Analog Output Calibration

    Enter Backdoor mode by typing: !11,MW,1000,1[CR] Unit will respond with: !11,BackDoorEnabled: Y Disable DAC update by typing: !11,WRITE,4,D[CR] Unit will respond with: !11,DisableUpdate: D 7.3.2 Gas flow 0-5 Vdc analog output calibration Install jumpers J7A, J7B and J7C on the PC board for 0-5 Vdc output (see Table VI). Connect a certified high sensitivity multi meter set for the voltage measurement to the pins 2 (+) and 1 (-) of the 15 pins D connector.

  • Page 30: Rs485 / Rs232 Software Interface Commands

    Enable DAC update by typing: !11,WRITE,4,N[CR] Unit will respond with: !11,DisableUpdate: N Close BackDoor access by typing: !11,MW,1000,0[CR] Unit will respond with: !11,BackDoorEnabled: N RS485 / RS232 SOFTWARE INTERFACE COMMANDS General The standard FMA 4000 comes with an RS485 interface. For the optional RS232 interface, the start character (!) and two hexadecimal characters for the address must be omitted.

  • Page 31

    Note: Address 00 is reserved for global addressing. Do not assign, the global address for any device. When command with global address is sent, all devices on the RS485 bus execute the command but do not reply with an acknowledge message. The global address can be used to change RS485 address for a particular device with unknown address: Make sure only one device (which address must be changed) is connected to the...

  • Page 32: Ascii Commands Set

    ASCII Commands Set...

  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Common Conditions Your FMA 4000 Digital Mass Flow Meter was thoroughly checked at numerous quality control points during and after manufacturing and assembly operations. It was calibrated according to your desired flow and pressure conditions for a given gas or a mixture of gases. It was carefully packed to prevent damage during shipment.

  • Page 39: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide INDICATION LIKELY REASON SOLUTION No zero reading after Embedded temperature Perform Auto Zero Procedure (see section 15 min. warm up time has been changed. 5.3.6 “Zero Calibration”). and no flow condition. Status LED indicator Power supply is bad or Measure voltage on pins 7 and 5 of the 15 and LCD Display polarity is reversed.

  • Page 40

    INDICATION LIKELY REASON SOLUTION Gas flows through the The gas flow is too low Check maximum flow range on transducer’s FMA 4000, but LCD for particular model of front panel and make required flow Display reading and the FMA 4000. adjustment.

  • Page 41: Technical Assistance

    Technical Assistance OMEGA7 Engineering will provide technical assistance over the phone to quali- fied repair personnel. Please call our Flow Department at 800-872-9436 Ext. 2298. Please have your Serial Number and Model Number ready when you call. CALIBRATION CONVERSIONS FROM REFERENCE GASES The calibration conversion incorporates the K factor.

  • Page 42: Appendix Iomega Fma 4000 Eeprom Variables

    APPENDIX I OMEGA7 FMA 4000 EEPROM Variables Rev.A0 [10/2/2007] Gas Independent Variables INDEX NAME DATA TYPE NOTES BlankEEPROM char[10] Do not modify. Table Revision [PROTECTED] SerialNumber char[20] Serial Number [PROTECTED] ModelNumber char[20] Model Number [PROTECTED] SoftwareVer char[10] Firmware Version [PROTECTED] TimeSinceCalHr float Time since last calibration in hours.

  • Page 43

    INDEX NAME DATA TYPE NOTES Klag [5] float DRC Lag Constant [Do Not Alter] Kgain[0] float Gain for DRC Lag Constant [Do Not Alter] Kgain[1] float Gain for DRC Lag Constant [Do Not Alter] Kgain[2] float Gain for DRC Lag Constant [Do Not Alter] Kgain[3] float Gain for DRC Lag Constant [Do Not Alter]...

  • Page 44

    Calibration Table: Gas Dependent Variables. INDEX NAME DATA TYPE NOTES GasIdentifer char[20] Name of Gas [If not calibrated = “Uncalibrated”] FullScaleFlow float Full Scale Range in l/min StdTemp float Standard Temperature StdPressure float Standard Pressure StdDensity float Gas Standard Density Name of Gas used for Calibration CalibrationGas char[20]...

  • Page 45: (internal "k" Factors)

    APPENDIX II INTERNAL “K” FACTORS CAUTION: K-Factors at best are only an approximation. K factors should not be used in applications that require accuracy better than +/- 5 to 10%. K Factor DENSITY INDEX ACTUAL GAS Relative [Cal/g] [g/I] to N Acetylene C2H2 0.5829 .4036...

  • Page 46: Appendix Iii Gas Factor Table ("k" Factors)

    APPENDIX III GAS FACTOR TABLE (“K FACTORS”) CAUTION: K-Factors at best are only an approximation. K factors should not be used in applications that require accuracy better than +/- 5 to 10%. K FACTOR Density ACTUAL GAS Relative to N [Cal/g] [g/I] Acetylene C...

  • Page 47

    K FACTOR Density ACTUAL GAS Relative to N [Cal/g] [g/I] Deuterium D 1.00 1.722 1.799 Diborane B .4357 .508 1.235 Dibromodifluoromethane CBr .1947 9.362 Dichlorodifluoromethane (Freon-12) CCl .3538 .1432 5.395 Dichlofluoromethane (Freon-21) CHCl .4252 .140 4.592 Dichloromethylsilane (CH SiCl .2522 .1882 5.758 Dichlorosilane SiH...

  • Page 48

    K FACTOR Density ACTUAL GAS Relative to N [Cal/g] [g/I] 1.000 .0861 3.610 Hydrogen Bromide HBr 1.000 .1912 1.627 Hydrogen Chloride HCl .764 .3171 1.206 Hydrogen Cyanide HCN .9998 .3479 .893 Hydrogen Fluoride HF .9987 .0545 5.707 Hydrogen Iodide HI Hydrogen Selenide H .7893 .1025...

  • Page 49

    K FACTOR Density ACTUAL GAS Relative to N [Cal/g] [g/I] Phosphorous Oxychloride POCl .1324 6.843 Phosphorous Pentafluoride PH .3021 .1610 5.620 Phosphorous Trichloride PCl .1250 6.127 Propane C .399 1.967 Propylene C .366 1.877 Silane SiH .5982 .3189 1.433 Silicon Tetrachloride SiCl .284 .1270 7.580...

  • Page 50: Appendix Iv Component Diagram


  • Page 51

    BOTTOM COMPONENT SIDE Aug 09, 2007...

  • Page 52: Appendix V Dimensional Drawings


  • Page 53


  • Page 54: Appendix Vi Warranty

    Department will issue an Authorized Return (AR) number immediately upon phone or written request. Upon examination by OMEGA, if the unit is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. OMEGA’s WARRANTY does not apply to defects resulting from any action of the purchaser, including but not limited to mishandling, improper interfacing, operation outside of design limits, improper repair, or unauthorized modification.

  • Page 55: Data Acquisition

    Where Do I Find Everything I Need for Process Measurement and Control? OMEGA… Of Course! Shop online at TEMPERATURE Thermocouple, RTD & Thermistor Probes, Connectors, Panels & Assemblies Wire: Thermocouple, RTD & Thermistor Calibrators & Ice Point References Recorders, Controllers & Process Monitors...

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