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Omega FMA 4000 User Manual: Swamping Condition

Digital mass flow meters.
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Note: Allow the Digital Mass Flow Meter to warm-up for a MINIMUM
of 6 minutes.
During initial powering of the FMA 4000 transducer, the flow output signal will be
indicating a higher than usual output. This is an indication that the FMA 4000
transducer has not yet attained its minimum operating temperature. This condition
will automatically cancel within a few minutes and the transducer should eventu-
ally indicate zero.
Note: During the first 6 minutes of the initial powering of the FMA 4000
transducer, the status LED will emit CONSTANT UMBER light.
For the FMA 4000 transducer with LCD option: If the LCD diagnostic is activated,
the second line of the LCD will display the time remaining until the end of the
warm up period (Minutes:Seconds format) and will alternatively switch to Totalizer
reading indication every 2 seconds.
Figure b-5: FMA 4000 Main Screen during Sensor Warm up period.
Note: After 6 minutes of the initial powering of the FMA 4000 the
transducer, status LED will emit a constant GREEN light (normal
operation, ready to measure). For FMA 4000 with LCD option, the
screen will reflect flow and totalizer reading. (see Figure b-4).

Swamping Condition

If a flow of more than 10% above the maximum flow rate of the Mass Flow Meter
is taking place, a condition known as "swamping" may occur. Readings of a
"swamped" meter cannot be assumed to be either accurate or linear. Flow must
be restored to below 110% of maximum meter range. Once flow rates are lowered
to within calibrated range, the swamping condition will end. Operation of the meter
above 110% of maximum calibrated flow may increase recovery time.
F: 50.0 L/min
** WarmUp 2:39 **



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