Steam Generator Periodical Maintenance; Replacing Consumable Components - Electrolux Air-O-Speed AOW101E Installation And Operation Instruction Manual

Electrolux electrics heated microwave steam convection ovens installation, operation and maintenance
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• Clean the stainless-steel parts every day using lukewarm soapy
water, rinsing with plenty of water and drying carefully.
• Do not clean the stainless steel with steel wool, brushes or scrap-
ers in common steel because they could deposit ferrous particles
which oxidize, causing rust spots.
• Whenever the appliance is not used for long periods:
- Disconnect the power supply and close the water cocks;
- Go over all steel surfaces vigorously with a cloth moistened with
paraffin oil in order to spread a protective film;
- Periodically air the room.
• In case of excessive scale in the steam generator the following
comes on signalling the need to carry out descaling.
The manufacturer declines any liability if these prescriptions
are not respected; also, the warranty does not cover the re-
pair or replacement of components damaged by scale
whenever the required supply water characteristics are not
respected (refer to the relativesection).
Descaling can be carried out using two methods:
- with vinegar, concentration 100%;
- with chemical descaler (carefully following the instructions given
The appliance must be switched on for these operations.
1) Close the water supply cock.
2) Completely drain the steam generator by pressing the
following button
3) After one minute close the steam generator drain (press the
above-mentioned button).
4) Remove the generator access tube plastic cap and introduce
approx. 8 litres (6-10gn) or 16 litres (20gn) of pure vinegar through
the same.
5) Open the water cock.
6) Operate the oven "steam" cycle for 20 minutes.
7) Switch the oven off and wait 60 minutes.
8) Operate the oven for another 10 minutes.
9) Switch off and wait 60 minutes.
10) With the water cock open, reopen the generator drain valve
to empty it (press the above-mentioned button).
11) Switch the oven off.
12) Rinse the inside of the generator with a rubber hose inserted
in the pipe, until clean water comes out the drain.
13) Refit the cap and close the steam generator drain (press the
above-mentioned button).
Descaling with chemical products must be carried out according
to the supplier's instructions (the detergent supplier firms).
For example, using the ECOLAB "STRIP-A-WAY" type descaler,
proceed as follows:
• Follow the relevant instructions of the previous section and in-
troduce the required quantities of the following liquids through
the generator access tube:
- 2 litres of descaling liquid plus 6 litres of water (6-10gn)
- 4.5 litres of descaling liquid plus 11.5 litres of water (20gn)
• Operate the oven STEAM cycle for 12 minutes.
• Switch off and wait 40 minutes.
• Reopen the generator drain and proceed with the instructions
given in the previous section.
Carefully rinse the inside of the generator with a rubber hose
inserted through the generator access pipe, to remove all
traces of descaler.
• Refit the cap and close the steam generator drain (pushbutton
or lever).
After these procedures it is advisable to operate the oven empty,
in STEAM cycle, for 30 minutes.


Replacing the compartment lighting lamp (Fig. 3)
To replace the compartment lighting lamp, if burnt out, proceed
as follows:
• Disconnect the power supply to the appliance.
• Undo the four screws fixing the light fitting ring nut "A" and re-
move the glass "V" together with seal "G".
• Remove the halogen lamp "L" and replace it with another one of
the same characteristics (12V - 20W - 300°C) using a clean cloth
or paper to avoid direct contact with fingers.
• Refit the protection glass, correctly inserted inside the seal, in
the lamp compartment and fix the ring nut by retightening the 4
screws, after smearing the seal with food-grade silicone grease.


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