Periodical Maintenance Of The Boiler - Electrolux 2604 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Electrolux electrics heated steam convection ovens installation, operation and maintenance
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5) - Press the START/STOP button to start the cycle.
————— SEMIAUTOMATIC Cycle only (A-C) —————
The cycle will commence when the temperature automatically
reaches 100 °C in the oven chamber.
6) - The 1st cleaning phase (STEAM cycle) ends after 5 minutes,
as signalled by the audible alarm.
7) - Open the oven door and spray the surfaces to be cleaned with
a suitable cleaning product.
8) - Close the oven door. On the TS DISPLAY the 120 second
pass, to allow the degreasing agent to perform its action. At the
end of the degreasing phase the 2nd cleaning phase (STEAM
cycle) lasting 10 minutes starts, after which the alarm sounds
(cycle finished).
9) - Open the oven door and rinse the interior of the chamber.
To facilitate the oven chamber cleaning procedure, remove the
guides for roll-in racks located at the bottom of the cooking
air intake wall
chamber and open the
• To open the cooking chamber air intake wall A (Fig. 2) follow
these instructions:
- switch off the oven and disconnect the appliance from the
electrical power supply;
- insert the tip of a screwdriver in opening B and pry inwards
towards the oven (1) to open the side panel by disengaging it from
the pins B1 at the back.
To remove the air intake wall completely follow these instructions:
- unscrew nut C1 with a hex wrench (2).
- lift (3) the air intake wall to disengage it (4) from the lower pin C
of the oven chamber;
- lower (5) the wall to disengage upper pin D and then withdraw
the wall completely (6).
To refit the air intake wall, repeat the steps in reverse order and
retighten nut C1.
• If present, clean the oven compartment grease filter (not
supplied) at least every three cooking cycles.
• If present, clean the air filter (not supplied) at least once a
month, removing it from underthe control panel.
Failure to clean the filter may affect its performance and impair
• Each day wash the stainless steel surfaces with lukewarm
soapy water and then rinse and dry thoroughly.
• When cleaning stainless steel, never use abrasive tools such as
steel wool, wire brushes or scrapers, since they may leave
ferrous particles which will promote rusting on the steel surfaces.
• If the appliance is not to be used for long periods, proceed as
- Disconnect the electrical power supply and close the water valve;
- Using a cloth soaked in petroleum jelly, vigorously rub the
stainless steel surfaces to apply a light protective film;
- Periodically air the place of storage.


• The build-up of lime-scale inside the boiler is signalled by
illumination of the LED shown below.
When this LED illuminates the boiler must be descaled.
The manufacturer declines all liability for failure to clean the
boiler when necessary. Moreover, the repair or replacement
of scale-damaged parts is not covered by the guarantee if the
characteristics of the water supply do not comply with those
stipulated (see corresponding paragraph).
The boiler may be descaled using either:
- pure vinegar (100%);
- a chemical descaler (as instructed below).
The oven must be switched on prior to descaling the boiler.
1) Close the water supply valve.
2) Empty the boiler by pressing the drain button
3) Close the boiler drain after one minute by pressing the above
4) Remove the plastic cap from the boiler filler pipe and pour in 8
litres (6-10gn) or 16 litres (20gn) approx. of pure vinegar.
5) Open the water cock.
6) Run a "steam" cycle for 20 minutes.
7) Switch off the oven and wait 60 minutes.
8) Restart the oven in steam mode for a further 10 minutes.
9) Switch off the oven again and wait 60 minutes.
10) With the water cock open, re-open the drain outlet and drain
off the vinegar (press the above button).
11) Switch off the oven.
12) Insert a rubber hose inside the boiler filler pipe and rinse
thoroughly until the water flowing out of the drain is clear.
13) Refit the filler plug and close the boiler drain (press the above
If you decide to descale the boiler using a chemical product, follow
the directions provided by the product supplier.
For example, when using ECOLAB's "STRIP-A-WAY" descaler,
proceed as follows:
• Follow the instructions given in the previous paragraph and
supply the following product quantities via the boiler filler pipe:
- 2 litres of descaler liquid plus 6 litres of water (6-10gn).
- 4.5 litres of descaler liquid plus 11.5 litres of water (20gn).
• Run a "steam" cycle for 12 minutes.
• Switch off the oven and wait 40 minutes.
• Reopen the boiler drain outlet and proceed as described in the
paragraph above.

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