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Http Notification; Pop Server Name; Proxy Server Name; Proxy Port Number - Sony SNT-EX101E User Manual

Video network station.
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Select the authentication required when you send an e-
Off: Select if no authentication is required when an e-
mail is sent.
On: Select if authentication is required when an e-mail
is sent. Select one of the authentication methods
from the following and specify the POP server
name, User name and Password as required.
SMTP: Select when SMTP authentication is
POP before SMTP: Select when POP before SMTP
authentication is required.
When you set Authentication to On, make sure to select
either or both SMTP or/and POP before SMTP.
POP mode
Select POP 3 or APOP (encrypted authentication).
Waiting time after POP
Set the timeout from 0 to 10000 msec.

POP server name

It is necessary when POP before SMTP is selected for
Type the POP (receiving mail) server name, using up to
64 characters. Or type the IP address of the POP server.
This setting is necessary when the SMTP server that
sends e-mails performs authentication using the POP
user account.
POP port number
Enter a port number from 110 to 65535.
Authentication mode
Set the user authentication mode.
If you are not using CRAM-MD5, select Login.
User name, Password
Type the user name and password of the owner of the
mail account, using up to 64 characters. This setting is
necessary when the SMTP server that sends e-mails
performs authentication.
Recipient e-mail address
Type the recipient e-mail address, using up to 64
characters. You can specify only one recipient e-mail
Administrator e-mail address
Type the e-mail address of the camera administrator,
using up to 64 characters. This is used as the reply
address or the address for a system mail from the mail
Type the subject/title of the e-mail, using up to 64
Type the text of the e-mail using up to 384 characters. (A
line break is equivalent to 2 characters.) You can
describe the information of the acquired IP address, etc.,
using the special tags mentioned below.

HTTP notification

Select On to output a command to the HTTP server
when the DHCP setting is completed. Using this
function, you can configure a useful system, for
example, to view the access log stored in the HTTP
server, or start an external CGI program.
Specify the URL to send an HTTP request, using up to
256 characters. The URL is normally written as follows:
ip_address: Type the IP address or host name of the host
to which you want to connect.
To enter an IPv6 address:
http:// [IPv6 address]
http:// [IPv6 address]
[:port]: Specify the port number to which you want to
connect. If you want to use the established port
number 80, you do not need to input a value.
path: Type the command.
parameter: Type the command parameter if necessary.
You can use the special tags mentioned below for the

Proxy server name

When you send an HTTP request via a proxy server,
type the name or IP address of the proxy server, using up
to 64 characters.

Proxy port number

Specify the port number when you send an HTTP
request via the proxy server. Set a port number between
1024 and 65535.
Select the HTTP method GET or POST.
Configuring the Network — Network Menu


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