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Simple Motion Detection Function - Sony SNT-EX101E User Manual

Video network station.
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The size of an object is measured in pixels.
• When you place the cursor on the area, the cursor
changes to a crossed arrow, which you can drag to
move the minimum inspection size area and maximum
inspection size area.
• Placing the cursor on the vertex of the minimum
inspection size area or maximum inspection size area
will change the cursor to n, then you can drag the
vertex to change the inspection size.
The minimum and maximum detection sizes configured
in the detection setting are displayed, but the size of the
area cannot be modified from here.
Speed of object to inspect
Specify the range of the speed of object to inspect by
determining Min. speed and Max. speed.
• Min. speed and Max. speed can be specified within a
scale of 100.
• The blue marker for minimum speed cannot be set to
the right of the red marker for maximum speed.
• The indicators indicating Min. speed and Max. speed
move on the left and right side of the screen.
The set value is only valid under the conditions of Pass,
Appear or Disappear.
Full-screen display button
to display the ActiveX area in full screen.
Clicking again will show the normal display.
Stretch bar
to hide the menu list on the left and enlarge the
preview screen.
Clicking again will show the menu list as it was before.
Click OK to finalize any changes made to the settings
and send them to the system.
If you click Cancel, changes made to the settings will be
discarded and the screen will be reloaded with the
current settings.

Simple motion detection function

The following three simple functions are provided for
motion detection. The simple motion detection function
is available on the SNT-EP104 and SNT-EP154.
Detection level
Set the sensitivity of the motion detection. Set a scale
from [1] to [100].
Detection size
Specify the size of moving object to be detected, from
three options: Large, Medium and Small.
Motion level
If a moving object is shown in full screen, you can set
the degree of motion of the object to within a scale :
1 - 100 Check the current degree of motion on the level
meter and set the detection level referencing that value.
VMF configuration is not available when the simple
motion detection function is activated.
Setting the Motion Detection/VMF Function — Motion detection Menu


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