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Setting The Security - Security Menu; Saving The Camera Position And Action - Preset; Position Menu; Position Tab - Saving Pan/tilt/zoom Position - Sony SNT-EX101E User Manual

Video network station.
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Setting the Security
— Security Menu
When you click
Security menu appears.
This allows you to control which computers can have
access to the camera.
Likewise, when using IPv6, security settings can be
configured for each network.
Security function
To activate the security function, select On.
Default policy
Select the basic policy of the limit from Allow and Deny
for the computers specified in the Network address/
Subnet 1 to Network address/Subnet 10 menus below.
Network address/Subnet 1 to Network
address/Subnet 10
Type the network addresses and subnet mask values that
you want to allow or deny access to the camera.
You can specify up to 10 network addresses and subnet
mask values. For a subnet mask, type 8 to 32.
(In the case of IPv6, enter a value between 8 and 128.)
Select Allow or Deny from the drop-down list on the
right for each network address/subnet mask.
The subnet mask value represents the bit number from
the left of the network address.
For example, the subnet mask value for ""
is 25.
If you set and Allow, you can allow
access from computers having an IP address between
"" and ""
You can access the unit even from a computer having an
IP address whose access right is set to Deny, if you enter
the user name and password set for the Administrator
boxes in the User menu.
See "Buttons common to every menu" on page 27.
Setting the Security — Security Menu
in the Administrator menu, the
Saving the Camera
Position and Action
Preset position Menu
When you click
Preset position
menu, the Preset position menu appears. This allows you
to save the camera's pan, tilt and zoom positions and set
position tours (programmed actions of the camera).
The Preset position menu consists of 2 tabs: Position
and Tour (position).
The Preview screen is displayed in the upper part.
Position Tab — Saving pan/tilt/
zoom position
You can set camera positions (pan, tilt and zoom
These settings are not available on the SNT-EP104 or
Position at alarm
The unit can synchronize a preset position with sensor
input with the motion detection function.
If an alarm is detected by the sensor input or the motion
detection function, the unit automatically moves to the
corresponding preset position.
If you do not want to synchronize with any preset
number, select none.
in the Administrator


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