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Creating Jobs To Use Subset Finishing; Subset Offset (Page Level Jog) - Xerox DocuPrint 115 System Manual

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Creating jobs to use subset finishing

Subset Offset (Page Level Jog)

It is important that jobs intended to be printed using subset
finishing be enabled with the following:
PostScript code (using the "setpagedevice" operator)
Variable Data Intelligent PostScript PrintWare (VIPP) version
2.0 or later.
NOTE: The Xerox Production Print Services (XPPS) client
software does not support subset finishing at this time.
Subset finishing can also be performed at the DigiPath
workstation through the Document Scan and Make Ready
The printer has the ability to offset on a page level. This support
allows VIPP to be utilized for offset type applications. This ability
allows jobs to be sent as one larger file with page level offset
The term "Jog" is used to initiate an offset behavior.
setpagedevice jog 0 (The offset command is "OFF")
setpagedevice jog 3 (The offset command is "ON")
A job with a multiple copy count with a "jog 3" should force
offsets between each distinct set. A job with a copy count of 1
can contain "jog 0" or "jog 3" on a page by page basis. The
system will alternate offsets between each alternating jog 3 and
jog 0 command.
The following information should be considered when using the
"Jog" command:
The first jog command on a page will be honored and all
others will be ignored.
Multiple cases of jog 3 without the corresponding job 0's will
be ignored.
The Printer Manager's setting of offset "ON" or "OFF" should
not impact the action of the PDL level jog commands. For
example, if the Printer Manager's offset is set to "OFF" and a
job has a jog 3, then the sets should be offset from one
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