Craftsman 258.1240100 Installation Manual
Craftsman 258.1240100 Installation Manual

Craftsman 258.1240100 Installation Manual

With grill lighting instructions


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With Grill Lighting
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Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 258.1240100

  • Page 1 BARBECUE USE, CAR_A_N i NSTALLATION With Grill Lighting D'U_ATION A veC- lnstructions PARRi ido de Readal! these instructi°ns andii_eeP!the'_.i_!_safe place for ft_tu!_ Laissez instructions _i'utilisateur, - -- ... -:-_-,:_-. _ CONSOMMATEURIUTILISATEUR Lisez routes instructions et conservez_le$ dansun lieu sEJr pour U &...
  • Page 2 WARNING! iF YOU SMELL GAS: 1. Shut off gas to the appliance. 2. Extinguish any open flame. 3. Open Lid. 4. If odor continues, immediately your gas supplier or your fire department. 5. NEVER use Natural designed for Liquid Propane I Combustion by-products produced whenusing this product containschemicals known to the State of California to cause ___AVERTISSEMENT vous...
  • Page 3: Test D'etanch#It

    Safety Rules ... 4 General Installation ... 6 Optional Electrical Attachments ... 7 Fuel Connections other than Portable L.R Cylinders ... 8 Portable L.R Gas Barbecue Cylinders ... 9 L.R Gas Supply Cylinder..10 Hose and Regulator..12 Transporting the Cylinder.
  • Page 4 • NEVER leavethe grill unattendedwhile it is in use. (Fig. 8) • It is your responsibility to assemble,install,operateand care for your gas grill properly. DO NOT vent propane vaporfrom the cylinderbeforetaking it to be refilled. • DO NOTusegasgrill indoorsor store anypropane cylinder(s) indoors, i ncludingin the garage,breezeways, shedsor enclosed areas.
  • Page 5 REGLAS SEGUR!DAD Riesgo de heridas Riesgode explosi6n PELIGRO SOLOPARASU USOENEXTERIORES NOusarNUNCA la parrillaen zonas_rradas, ya queesto podrfa provocar q ue el gasde una fugaseacumulara causando unaexplosi6n o concentradones d e mon6xido de carbonoIoque podrfaprovocar heridas e incluso la muerte.NOusarencochera,pasillos de ventilad6n, cobertizos o en cualquier z onacerrada.
  • Page 6 UNSTALLATIO J GENERAL • Installation mustconform with localcodesor,in theabsence of localcodes,. witheithertheNational F uelGasCode,ANSIZ223.1(USA),CAN/CGA-B149.1, Natural GasInstallation Codeor CAN/CGA-B149.2, Propane Installation Code(Canada). Tochecklocal c odes,seeyourlocalLP. gasdealeror natural g ascompanylisted in theYellowPagesfor recommended i nstallation procedures a nd regulations. A WARNING Thisappliance isnotto be installed in or on a recreational vehicleand/orboat. Follow these safety rules...
  • Page 7 TIONAL ELeCTRiCAL When usingan electricattachmentwith grill, followspecification statementsaccompanying the accessory. IMPORTANT: If usingan externalelectricalsource,the installed appliancemustbe electricallygroundedaccordingto localcodes or, in the absenceof localcodes,with the NationalElectricalCode, ANSI/NFPA 70 or the CanadianElectricalCode CSAC22.1. WARNING Electrical G roundinginstructions: An applianceequippedwith a three-prong(grounding) plugfor your protectionagainst shock hazard and MUSTbe pluggeddirectly into a properlygrounded three-prongreceptacle.DO NOT remove groundingprong from athree-prong plug.
  • Page 8 CONNECT{O_S • This noticeappliesto L.P.Gas (Propane)Grillsand only where propanegasis to be pipedto the grill. Naturalgas can.o.Bl.ybe used with grillswhichcome fromthe factory alreadyequippedfor usewith naturalgas. If the applianceis for connectiontootherthanan LP. cylinder (consulttheAssemblyInstructions) the gasconnectionsmustbe madeby a qualifiedinstalleror a licensedplumber. The gas supply line mustnot be installedby the consumer.
  • Page 9: Leak Testing

    It becomesliquidwhenstored underhigh pressureinsidea cylinderand vaporizes when released. L.P.gas is heavierthanair and tendsto collectin low areas. It is importantthat thereare no leaking connectionson your gas grill that couldcausea fire or explosion. (See "LEAKTESTING",Pg. 17) PortableLP gas grills requirea fueldeliverysystemwhich is comprisedof a valve [A], a hose[B], a regulator[C]with vent hole [G], an L.P.gas supplycylinder[D], a Type 1 couplingnut [E] and a Type 1...
  • Page 10 suP L " o iNDERJ A DANGER , DONOT insert any foreignobjectsintothe valve outlet. You maydamagethe back-check.A damagedback-checkcan causea leak, which couldresultin explosion,fire, severe personalinjuryor death. WARNING • Cylindersmust be storedoutdoorsout of the reachof children and mustnot be storedin a building,garageor any other enclosedarea.
  • Page 11 • A Type 1 compatiblecylinderwith a Type 1 cylindervalve hasa back-checkvalve which doesnot permitgas flow,untila positiveseal has beenobtained. • The cylindermustbe arrangedfor vapor withdrawal. It mustalso includea collar to protectthe cylindervalve. A safety reliefdevice havingdirectcommunication with the vapor spaceof cylindermustbe provided.
  • Page 12 HOSE REGULATOR TheType 1 connectionsystemhas the followingfeatures: 1.The systemwill not allow gas to flow until a positiveconnectionhas been made. NOTE:The cylindercontrol valve mustbe turnedoff beforeany connectionis madeor removed. 2.The system has a thermalelementthat will shut off the flow of gasin the event of a fire.
  • Page 13 A 8,PORTI {G Transportonly one cylinderat a time. • Transportcylinderin an uprightandsecure mannerwith control valve turnedoff and the POLplug or capin place. • DONOT transportcylinderin passenger compartment, u nless you havean openwindowventilation. • DONOT leavecylinderin directsunlightor in a high heatarea such as a closed car trunk.
  • Page 14 FILLING PURGING L.P. TAKE THESE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE /_ DANGER Purgingand fillingof L.P.Gascylindersmustbe performedby personnel w ho have beenthoroughlytrained in acceptedL.P. Gasindustryprocedures. Failureto follow this instructionmay result in explosion,fire, severepersonalinjury,or death. , Whenusingcylinderexchange:If your grill is equippedwith a Type 1 cylinder,be sure the exchangedcylinderis a Type 1 cylinder,as a 510 POL cylinderwill not fit Type 1 regulator.
  • Page 15 CAUTION After purging or filling an L.P.Gascylinder,DONOT inserta POL plug into the valve outlet. Insertionof theplug will prevent the back-checkfrom closing.Use ONLYthe providedcapand strap attachedto the outlet. Closethe cylindervalveknob beforereturningthe cylinderto the customer. For properpurging proceduresreferto: In the US: Safety BulletinNPGA#133,"PurgingL.P.Gas Cylinders",and Safety BulletinNPGA#130,"Recommended Proceduresfor FillingCylinders".
  • Page 16 Connectthe L.P.cylinder,with cylindervalve closed,to the grill out- doors only. Readand fellowdirectionson thecylinderand fuel hose WARNING safetytags. CAUTION In theconnectionprocess,the grill sideof} slight resistance.The connectionrequiresaboutone-halfto three- quartersadditional t urn to completethe connection.Todisconnect, [ he connectionwill seal on theback-checkin the valve,resultingin a | turn counterclockwise.
  • Page 17 DANGER PREVENTFIRE OR EXPLOSION HAZARD: . NOSMOKING.DO NOT useor permit s ourcesof ignitionin the area while doing a leak test. ° Performleak tests outdoorsonly. EVEo R perform a leak test withfire or flame. TOCHECKFORLEAKS 1. Createa soapy solutionof equal parts mildliquid dishwashing detergentand water.
  • Page 18 FIXJ G A FUEL LEA { . IF YOU DETECT A LEAK; !. Turnoff the fuel supply. Pushin and turn on control knobsto releasepressurein hose,then turnthe control knobsback to off. .- 2. Washoff soapy solutionswith coldwater and toweldry. 3. Stop a leakby tighteningthe loosejoint, or by replacingthe faulty 1 part with a replacementpartrecommended by the manufacturer.DO NOTattemptto repair the cylindervalve if it shouldbecome damaged;...
  • Page 19 [] STAR3"-UP CHECI_ WARNING Failuretofollow thesesafetystepsbeforeusinggrill eachtime could resultina firethatcouldbe hazardous to you,your applianceor property. It is especiallyimportant t o observethese stepsafter the grill has beenstored,movedor cleaned. 1. Regularlycheckburnerventuritubesfor blockage from an insectnest. Read"CleaningtheVenturi"on pg. 32 and "Troubleshooting" on pg. 38. 2.
  • Page 20 START=UP CHECK 5. use only the gas specifiedin assemblyinstructions. 6. Keep the barbecueon alevel surface. 7. Keep an empty metalcontainer,such as a soup can, in the wire or plasticgreasecan holder belowthe grill bottomto catchdraining greaseduring use. (Fig. 19, Fig. 20) z_ CAUTION The greasecan, greasepan and grill bottombecomeextremelyhot during use.
  • Page 21: Lighting Instructions

    Ii WARNING THE FOLLOWING RULES MUST ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED IN THIS ORDER (Fig. 21): 1. OPENGRILL LID! Any attemptto lightthe grill with the lid downcould cause an explosion. 2. Checkthat the burner controlknobs are turnedto "OFF". 3. Turnon fuel supply. For an L.P.gas cylinder,turn the top cylindervalve knobcounter-clockwise one rotationto open.
  • Page 22 LiGHTiNG INSTRUCTIONS FOR 300 - 700 SERIES GRILLS IGNITER LIGHTING 1. Turnon eithergas control knob. 2. Engagethe igniter switch severaltimes (4 to 5) untilthe flame ignites. 3. If the burnerdoes not light after trying again,turn offknoband try matchlightingthe grill. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ELECTRONIC If you havean electrdnicigniter,checkthat yourbatteryis fresh and...
  • Page 23 ...,= 1. Strike and placethe burningmatchthrough the lightinghole(s) as shown. (Fig. 22 & 23) 2. Turnon RIGHTgas controlknob. 3. Extendtheflame untilit is abovethe end of thelightertube. This shouldcausethe burner to light. ALLUMAGE MANUEL AT -- TeNT ON L_-_._--_,_.._' Utilisezune LONGUE ...
  • Page 24: Match Lighting

    IGNITER LIGHTING 1. Turn on the side burner gas controlknob. (Fig.24) 2. Engagethe igniterswitchseveraltimes(4 to 5) untilthe flameignites• 3, If the flame doesn'timmediatelylight, turn off control knob and wait for five minutesfor gas to clear, 4. Repeat steps 1 through3. 5.
  • Page 25 SHUTTING T_IE L._ CAUTION DONOTtouch hot grill partswith bare hands! = You MU,,ST u se protectivegloves. (Fig. 25) 1.Turnall burnercontrolknob(s)to off. 2. After burnerflamegoes out, turnoff fuelsupply. Foran L.P.cylinder, turn the L.P.Cylinder k nob in a clockwisedirectionuntilit stops. ' A CAUTION the grill is not in use.
  • Page 26 WARNING Keep applianceareaclean andfreefromcombustible materials, g asolineand otherflammablevaporsand liquids and spareLP. cy!indem. DO NOT Obstruct t heflow of combustion and ventilationair. Keep the ventilationopening(s)of the L.P.cylinderenclosure (if so equipped)free and clearof debris. A barbecuegrill becomeshot duringuse. It is necessary to useprotectivegloveswhenoperatingcontrolknobs,LP. cylindershut-offknobor lid handle.
  • Page 27 UT LISATtOH GEHERALE AVERTISSEMENT Nepes conserver de combusUble, d'essence o u de produits inflammables, ni debouteilles d e GPLde rechange dansla zoneo_ le gill est utilis#,. NE PASobstruerla circulationde I'airde combustionet de ventilation. Assurez-vous que les ouverturesde ventilationde rabri de la bouteillede gaz (s'ilyen a) ne sont pas bouch#esni obstru#espar des d#bris. Ungril-barbecue devienttr_schaud pendantsonfonctionnement.
  • Page 28 BURNER CONTROL SETTING TIPS . The high flame setting istoo hot f ordirect cooking, The high f lame s etting isgood f orquick s earing ofmeat, then finish cooking onmedium or,! low flame s ettings. . Use high flame setting with lid closed to preheatthe grill for 5 minutesbeforecookingandwith lid closedfor a maximum of 5 minutesafter _ cookingto burn off greasedrippings.
  • Page 29 i PETITSTRUCS POUR LEREGLAGE D U BRULEUR• i Le r#glagede !lamme"foil" est tropchaudpour une cuissondirecte.Le r6glagede flamme"fort"convienttout _ fait pour salsir rapidement l a • viande; terminezensuitela cuissonen r&glantla flammesur la position "moyen"ou "doux". Utilisezle r_glagede flamme"fort" a vec le couverclefefm_pour pr_chaufferle _Jril pendant5 minutesavantde fairecuire et avec le couverde ferm6 pendant5 minutesmaximum a r_s la cu!sson pour brOler les d_p6tsde gralsse.
  • Page 30 FOLLOWTHESESTEPS: 1. Shut off gas at the burnervalve(s)and stayaway! 2. Allow the fire to burn itselfout. 3. Oncethe fire is outand the appliancehas cooled,shut off the L.P.cylindervalve. 4. Cleanall parts and inspectfor damage. Partsto checkfor damageare the LP. cylinder,cylindervalve,regulator, g as supplyhose,burner valve(s)and burner.
  • Page 31 OOKING METE ODS DIRECTMETHOD: •. The heat sourceis directlybelowthe food. , Use for browningmeat or cookinghot dogsand hamburgers,but checkfoodfrequently. • Use for skilletand stir-frycooking,butlimit the amountof oil and heatto be used. • Cook roasts,turkey or duck on low heat. Place meatwith water in foil pan with corrugated bottom. Replenish water as needed. •INDIRECT METHOD: Lightonly one side of the burnerand placefood onoppositeside for cooking.
  • Page 32 IN G THE A,WARNING Spiders nestsor wasp'smud insidetheventurimay causefire at valve. If a fire occurs,immediately turn off ga _See representative illustrationin Fig,27) NOTE: Spiders andsmall i nsects canspin w ebsandbuild nests inside the ventun t ubes. This especially rl spiders aremostactive. Thesenests c anobstruct injury andserious damageto the grill.
  • Page 33 ,... ,,,, i VRF tTURJ .f,IETTOYAGE Les toilesd araign6eset les bouesde gu#pes_ l int6rieurdu venturipeuventprovoquerun feu. Si un feu est imm_ boutei_ de GPL au niveau de Ia valve.(VoirI'illustrationsurla Fig. 27) REMARQUE : Les araign#eset lespetits insectespeuventtisser destoiles et construireleurs nidsdans les venturis.Celaarriveparticuli#rement _ la fin de 1'6t# et &...
  • Page 34 CAUTION All cleaningand maintenance shouldonly be donewhengrill is cooland with thefuel supplyturnedoff at the L.P.cylinder. any barbecuepart in a self-cleaning oven. The extremeheatwilldamagethe finish. Correctcareand maintenance will keepyourgrill operating smoothly.Cleaninternalpartsof grill regularlyas determined by the amountof ' use and thetype of foodscooked. NOTE: Cleantheentiregrill eachyear and tightenall hardwareon a regularbasis(1 - 2 tir_esa year or moredependingon usage).
  • Page 35 ! Touteop#rationde nettoyageou d'entretienno doit _tre effectuTequeIorsquele gill est frondel que I'arriv#ede gaz est ferm#e au niveau de la[ l. bouteflle deGPL._..j. NE PASnettoyer_les _ !_mentf dubarbecuedans un fouraut.., o-netto=yant. L extr#mechaleurendommageraitle rev_tement, i Unentretien etun nettoyage corrects p rTserveront le bonfonctionnement de votregril.Nettoyez r@uli#rement Ins 61#ments int#rieurs de votregill selonla fr#quence d'utilisation e tle typed'aliments c uisinTs.
  • Page 36 STORAOE [A collisionwiththe grill,as withanymetalobjectcouldcauseinjury.Usecarewhenmoving a portablegas MOVINGTHEGRILL: . To movethe grill, lift end of grill oppositethe wheels. (Fig. 31) • Move grill slowly. DONOT run with or pull thegrill behindyou; it couldhit youfrom behindcausing injury. (Fig. 31) • DO NOT move the grill whileit is lit or hot, or with objectson thecookingsurface(s)or side table(s). AFTERMOVING THEGRILL: ' Checkall gas connectionsfor leaksthat couldoccurfrom the movement.
  • Page 37 THE IGNITER SYSTEM consistsof a gascollector,electrode,wire and igniter(sideburners includea secondelectrodewith wire). Gas accumulating in thegas collectoris ignitedby an electricspark generatedwhenthe igniterunitis activated. The sparkgap is automatically set whenthe electrodeis installed. Theigniterwireshouldbe kept a minimumof 3" belowthe grill bottomso that the heatwon'tdamagethe wire. TESTING THE IGNITER SYSTEM: BE SURE CONTROL KNOB VALVE(S) ARE OFF AND PROCEED AS FOLOWS: Usinga handmirror,watchthe electrode tip insidethe gas collectorwhile activating the igniter.
  • Page 38: In Case Of Grease Fire

    PROBLEM: BURNER WILL NOT LIGHTOR HAS INCOMPLETE BURNERFLAME. 1. Checkfor spiderwebsor insectnestin venturiand cleanventuri. 3. Misalignment o f venturion orifices. Position venturiover orifices. 4. Burnerports,orifices,valves or hosehaveblockage. Cleanthe components. 5. If burnerlightswith matchbut not igniter,checkceramicelectrodepositionin gas collectorand conditionof ignitorwire afid'ii's connections.Performignitertestand replaceanydamagedpads.
  • Page 39: En Caso De Que Haya Un Fuego Ocasionado Por La Grasa

    i-"_iO_LE,_;E " LE GRfL EST ;_0? CF;,_UD. RAISONS POSSIBLES 1. Ily a tropde feuxquin#cessitent I'entreb'e n d#ciltdansce livretsousla rubrique "SILAGRAISSE S'ENFLAMME".2. Un6ventou unr#gulateur endommag6 n &;essite unremplacement par un r_parateur agree. 3. Ily a uneaccumulation de graisse _ I'int_rieur d ugill, il estn_e,ssaire de nettoyer e t de viderle r_dpientouplateau r&:up6rateur degraisse.
  • Page 40 (L.P.)paraque Io Ileneno bien,si Io cambiaen una estaci6nde cambiode cilindros,soliciteque coloquen el dispositivode protecci6ncontrasobrellenado al cilindrode reemplazo. YOUR NEW GAS GRILL IS EQUIPPED WITH A TYPE 1 CONNECTION DEVICE WHICH HAS 3 SAFETY FEATURES: 1. Proof of gas seal between the connector and the cylinder before gas flow takes place.
  • Page 41 VOTRE NOUVEAU GRIL A GAZ EST EQUIPE D'UN SYSTEME DE RACCORO DE TYPE 1 QUI COMPORTE 3 DISPOSITIFS DE SECURITE" (VOIR L'ILLUSTRATION DU RACCORD DE TYPE 1) 1. Contr61ed'_tanch6it_ entre le raccord et la bouteille avant que I'#coulement du gaz ne commence. 2.
  • Page 44 " " r._,...

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